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History of the Somme

Notre Dame d’Amiens Cathedral

Written in French by Alex PORTILLO for
Translated by Google Translate.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens is the largest medieval building in France with an internal volume of 200 000m3 (twice Notre Dame de Paris). It is a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1981.


Exterior length: 145 m

Internal length: 133.50 m

Width of the nave (between pillars): 12,15 m

Width of the nave, from centre to centre pillars: 14.60 m

Width of aisles (between pillars): 6.07 m

Length of the transept Outside: 70 m

Internal length of the transept: 62 m

Width of the transept: 29,30 m

Height of the nave (as keystone): 42.30 m

Height of the boom: 112.70 m

Surface Area: 7700 m2

Internal volume: 200,000 m3

BACKGROUND: Some important dates for the Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens

The current location of the Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens was the site of several temples over the centuries before its construction. The first building was erected at the end of 3rd century Gallo-Roman. In the 9 centuries that followed many cathedrals were built. The fire reduced them mostly ash.

This was the case in 850, during an invasion of Normandy, then in 1019, and in 1107. After this incident a new church, Roman, was built in 1152.

During the looting of Constantinople by the Crusaders in 1204, a cross Picard (Wallon de Sarton), stole the holy relic skull of St. John the Baptist.He brought it, December 17, 1206 in Amiens where he was received by Bishop Richard Gerberoy.  Very soon the Cathedral became too small, many French and foreign princes came to honor him.

Very quickly the relic became the subject of an important pilgrimage. It attracted mostly people affected by the disease, deaf mutism, blindness, and before all the people affected evil John (that is to say, epilepsy)

In 1218, lightning struck the spire of the old cathedral, and it was quickly nullified by the flames. Following the disaster of Bishop Evrard Fouilloy decided to build another cathedral, far vaster and more beautiful than before, but none among the other shrines of Christendom.

The construction of the current Notre Dame D'Amiens Cathedral, begun in 1220, foundations, and the transfer of the church

St. Firmin the Confessor and the postponement of the rampart to the east.  Unusually, the completion of the foundation in 1225,

Cormont Thomas (architect), built the facade and nave.The completion of the nave and west front to the cornice above the rose is made in 1236 by Renaud de Cormont (architect), in conjunction with the Transfer Hotel GOD who holds the site of the future by Arnout choir of Amiens (Bishop). The construction of the choir and the chapel began in 1238 but radiant was suspended in 1240 due to lack of funds. Construction resumed in 1258.

In 1264, when a sentence pronounced against Henry III of England, St. Louis visited the works. The completion of the choir and the stained glass of the clerestory are dated 1269.

In 1269 the big works are completed and in May 1279, the relics of St. Firmin St. Ulphe are transferred in the presence of King Philippe III of France and Edward 1st of England.

In 1288, Completion of pavement and installation of the center stone of the labyrinth.  That is when it is completed main building of Our Lady Cathedral of Amiens, which has long not far from half a century.

From 1290 to 1375, construction of side chapels of the nave, from east to west. Tribute to Edward III of England Philip VI of Valois in 1329.

In 1366, Coronation of the south tower. Construction of a stop against the north tower because of the sloping ground in 1375.

Following the coronation of the south tower, the north tower was crowned in 1402.

Meanwhile there have been two important events that took place in the cathedral in 1385 was voted the marriage of Charles VI and Isabeau of Bavaria in 1392, held the Conference to Amiens.

The installation of the platform and the lower part of the organ, wood decorated with five statues done in 1429.

From 1490 to 1531, the closing chorus.

From 1497 to 1498, there was the laying of additional flying buttresses around the choir, the consolidation of underground pillars of the transept, and the installation of a chain inside the triforium to consolidate the pillars of the transept.

In 1528, the Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens failed to know that even go past cathedrals, following a fire that broke out on the boom.

The construction of a new boom lasted 4 years from 1529 to 1533.

1549, installation of the upper part of the buffet and repair of the organ pipes

XIXEME century restoration of the cathedral, including, since 1849 the intervention of Viollet-LE-DUC.

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