The Atlantic OceanTunnel

In Averøy about 3, 9 km road is to be built between Bremsnes and the tunnel entrance at   Øksenvågen. The tunnel will run between Øksenvåg in Averøy and Hagelin in Kristiansund where a new road is being constructed.

The length of the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel is 5 735 metres ( the Freifjord Tunnel, a part of the Krifast connection, is 5 092 metres ). The planned tunnel profile is T11.5 where the gradient is more than 6 %, and T8.5 where the gradient is less than 6%. Approximately 2.700 metres is located in the municipality of Averøy . The tunnel will run between Øksenvågen in Averøy and Hagelin in Kristiansund. The maximum gradient is 10 % (this means that the tunnel ascends 10 metres per 100 metres ).

The lowest point below sea level is about 250 metres .

Prime contractor for this tunnel is A/S Mesta. After an excellent start with a maximum average progress of about a hundred metres per week, a series of incidents caused delay in March, 2008. 2862,5 metres was finished in week 46, 2007, which meant more than half the tunnelling. Break through is estimated to take place in summer, 2008.

After a rock-fall in the Averøy part of the tunnel, tunnelling was stopped before Easter, 2008. At the same time week zones in both parts of the tunnel caused reduced progress.  Delays were also caused by fires in a spraying rig and two transport vehicles. The latter delay in Kristiansund, which affected handling of waste mass, has been compensated for.