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What do the different badges on Yahoo! Answers mean?

Last Updated: December 07, 2009
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Yahoo! Answers uses badges to help designate the different types of community members participating in the Yahoo! Answers community. Here is a list of the various types of badges currently used in Answers:

  • – A Knowledge Partner badge indicates that a community member is an approved participant in the Knowledge Partner program. To learn more about this program, please review Yahoo! Answers Knowledge Partners.
  • – An Official badge indicates that the identity of a community member asking or answering questions on Yahoo! Answers has been verified by a member of the Yahoo! Answers Team. This helps us distinguish our celebrity, professional, and sponsor participants within the Yahoo! Answers community.
  • – The Staff badge displays when members of the Yahoo! Answers Team or other Yahoo! staff members officially ask and answer questions on Yahoo! Answers.
  • – The Top Contributor badge is used to recognize a member of the Answers community who has shown that they are knowledgeable in a particular category. The top contributor badge is dynamic, which means that you earn it or lose it depending on your recent participation in a particular category. To learn more about Top Contributors, please review Top Contributor help.

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