Inspector Morse Locations Oxford City

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Inspector Morse Tour of Oxford

Explore Oxford with Inspector Morse, the colleges, museums and historic pubs. It is more fun to discover a city by following a theme instead of wandering aimlessly about.

Guide to Visiting Oxford 

Oxford City is not a huge place so you can visit most locations on foot indeed you have little choice as many locations are down medieval alleys

Inspector Morse 

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List of Inspector Morse Locations in Oxford 

Inspector Morse Oxford Tour

This is a raw list of locations, see elsewhere for details
  • The Randolph Hotel
    Episode : The Jewel that Was Ours
    Episode: The Wolvercote Tongue
  • Ashmoleum Museum
    Episode : The Wolvercote Tongue
  • The Bookbinders Pub, Jericho
    Episode : The Dead of Jericho where it is called the "Printers Devil"
  • Eagle And Child Pub, St Giles
    Episode : Frequently used as Morse's Pub, featured in "The Secret of Annexe 3"
  • Pitt Rivers Museum
    Episode : The Daughters of Cain
  • The Turf Tavern Pub
    Episode : The Daughters of Cain and many others, do not mix up the the TURL bar
  • The Sheldonian Theatre
    Episode : The Twilight of the Gods
  • Lonsdale (Brasenose) College
    Episode : The Riddle of the Third Mile
    Episode : Death is Now My Neighbour
    Called Lonsdale in Morse and Brasenose in real life
  • The Bear Inn
    Episode : Death is now my Neighbour
  • The Martyr's Memorial
    Episode : The Wolvercote Tongue
  • The Eagle and Child pub
    Episode : "The Secret of Annexe 3"
  • The Oxford Botanic Gardens
    Episode: "The Settling of the Sun"
  • The Oxford University Press building at Jericho
    The Dead of Jericho
  • Blackwell's Bookshop, Broad Street
    Episodes: Service of All the Dead" and "The Daughters of Cain"
  • The Bodleian Library
    Episode: The murder of Joanna Franks in 1859
  • The Town Hall
    Episode: The Wolvercote Tongue
  • The Radcliffe Camera
    Episode: The Daughters of Cain"
  • The Botanic Gardens
    Episode: The Settling of the Sun
  • Combe Road Jericho (Canal Reach)
    "The Dead of Jericho", was set in the streets of Jericho, notably Combe Road (which is 'Canal Reach' in the drama). It also featured the Bookbinders Arms public house on the corner of Victor Street

John Thaw was Inspector Morse 

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The ReMORSEful Day : Victoria Arms Marston 

Famous Punting Destination Pub. A historic riverside pub, site of the old ferry access to the River Cherwell. Appeared many times in Inspector Morse but most famous for Morse's stunning recital of "The Remorseful Day" by A.E Houseman clairvoying both the death of the character of Inspector Morse and also sadly John Thaw himself.

Inspector Morse, Remorseful Day 

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The Boat Inn, Thrupp Near Kidlington 

Inspector Morse Plaque St Aldates Police Station

Inspector Morse Guestbook 

When did you discover Morse or Oxford?
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