The largest of the Northern Islands and second largest member of the Kuril Islands after Iturup, Paramushir measures 100 km in length and averages around 20 km across covering an area of 2,053 km². To south lies Onnekotan, located 40 km across the Fourth Kuril strait. At the right side of the above image lies the Kuril's northernmost island of Shumshu, separated from Paramushir by a narrow strait of less than 2 km in width.

The island is constructed from a series of volcanoes that include Ekebo (1,156 m), Chikurachki (the tallest at 1,816 m), Tatarinov (1,530 m) and Fuss Peak (1,772 m).

image: earth sciences and image analysis laboratory, nasa johnson space center

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