The Pheromone Party 11.20

8pm to 1am
williamsburg, brooklyn

drinks, music and pheromone samples of our guests will be provided. 

space limitied!

rsvp by sending a
picture of your armpit to  

a judy prays & Mr. collaboration.



    1. Wear a nondescript shirt to bed 3 days in a row. The goal is to capture your scent without capturing your odor - so we suggest only to bed - but do what you got to do.

    2. Bring the shirt to the party in a clear ziplock bag.


    3. We put a number on the bag and only you know your number.

    4. You smell as many shirts as you want - and take a picture at the photo station with bags you find the most attractive.

    5. We project the pictures during the party and tag them in a facebook album the next day.

    6. You hit that shit up if you so desire.