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Hinterland to get 300 new homes

SUNSHINE Coast council has rubber-stamped a proposal to allow up to 700 new residents to be sprinkled throughout Glasshouse Mountains, Beerwah and Landsborough.

Landsborough Area Community Association treasurer Ken Husband is unhappy about proposed development around the Landsborough railway station.

Cade Mooneycm

SUNSHINE Coast council has rubber-stamped a proposal to allow up to 700 new residents to be sprinkled throughout Glasshouse Mountains, Beerwah and Landsborough.

The plan, a leftover from the former Caloundra City Council, was re-endorsed during a Strategy and Planning Committee meeting at Tewantin yesterday.

The blocks in Glasshouse and Landsborough will be as small as 650sqm, a change to the sprawling rural lots in the area.

There have also been concerns that the changes to blocks of land in Glasshouse Mountains, from a pineapple farm to residential housing, would affect views of the famed peaks.

Councillor Anna Grosskreutz, who represents the three areas, said there were many other places from which to glimpse the mountains.

She said that Beerwah residents appeared content with the plan while there had been “mixed reactions” from Glasshouse and Landsborough residents.

Cr Grosskreutz said the lots would be located near the centre of the townships, giving homeowners easy walking access to the centre of town.

“In the case of Glasshouse, it's very close to the centre of the town,” she said.

The owners of the lots had been given preliminary approval before amalgamation and the developments were not enough to make much difference to the townships, Cr Grosskreutz said.

She stressed that none of the lots would be developed into units.

“Areas like Glasshouse have limited growth potential, the same as Landsborough,” she said.

“But if you're not a person who likes growth, you will notice a difference.

“There will always be mixed feelings.”

Strategy and planning director Warren Bunker said each of the new houses will be “conventional homes”, 300 in all, spread across the three towns.

Mr Bunker said there should be no fear of the plan setting a precedent.

“It is not an easy process, it took several years just to change these ones,” he said.

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Posted by SunshineCoLarry from Mount Mellum, Queensland

11 November 2010 6:10 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

Which Beerwah residents appear "content with the plan"? I have not heard anything about public consultations for this proposal, and I have my strong doubts that this proposal is generally accepted. Perhaps Cr. Anna could set up a forum for submissions so we can all see what the public wants?

Posted by brianbarry123 from Maroochydore, Queensland

11 November 2010 8:57 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

This will provide plenty of affordable housing. Council infrastrucutre charges are only $45K+ per lot in Glass House reducing doen to $30k per lot in Landsborough.

No units? Does this mean Council is removing those areas that are zoned for units form their plan? Be ready to pay out plenty of compensation if this is going to happen.

Posted by brianbarry123 from Maroochydore, Queensland

11 November 2010 10:36 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

Good to see Mr unhappy in the news again. Fair dinkum is Ken ever happy about anything?

Posted by saltysteve from Coolum Beach, Queensland

11 November 2010 11:36 a.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

The hinterland is experiencing the growth pains that the coastal "villages" did in th 70's & 80's. At least they have some transport infrastructure in place unlike the coast. You never know one day they might be able to catch a train to Sunshine Plaza or our new international airport.

Posted by Kayay from Glass House Mountains, Queensland

11 November 2010 12:12 p.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

What about Peachester area? Oh no that's right, it's Annas backyard - wouldn't touch that....

Posted by impact from Maroochydore, Queensland

11 November 2010 3:41 p.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

Beerwah is an investigation area under the SEQ Regional Plan. Think Caloundra South residents (ie 50,000 people). A big city is coming your way probably owned by Stockland.

Posted by brianbarry123 from Maroochydore, Queensland

11 November 2010 4:37 p.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »


No it is isn't. Its in the Urban Footprint Designation.

But that hasn't stopped Stockland putting their branding on the town.

Posted by savetherange from Maroochydore, Queensland

12 November 2010 2:41 p.m. | Suggest removal » | Post reply »

And the inter-urban breaks get smaller and smaller in the other corridor - the hinterland. Check the distance between Sunshine Coast towns and Moreton towns along the rail line......

Thanks Council, nice one - again.

Why is that everything Caloundra Councillors wanted is happening regardless of whether people agree or not?

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