We at The Senior Site appreciate the fact that emotions and stress are at an all-time high when dealing with senior care planning and transitioning. This company was created to honor my mother, Constance Marie Puleo Letwaitis.  I could not/would not define her as a “cane,”  ”walker,” “wheelchair,” or ”scooter” nor do I expect you do so!   We do not want you to check boxes, fill in the blanks, write a story, worrying whether or not you’ve gotten ALL THE FACTS down on paper!  All we need is your name, phone number and email address.

When you receive a call back, usually within four hours – a consultant will have a conversation with you wherein the discovery of needs, physical, financial and geographic, will be discussed. Our conversation is the beginning of a relationship built on trust, respect and loyalty. We will spend the time YOU need to address your questions and concerns. We are here when you need us.

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Life Care Funding Group

The Senior Site is the exclusive midwest Network Partner for Life Care Funding Group, providing funding solutions for senior living through life settlements (sale of life insurance policy), Veterans Aid and Attendence benefits, and loan programs.
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