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Advisory Board


Joshua S. Treviño

Joshua S. TrevinoJoshua S. Treviño is a media-savvy communication strategist. His record of accomplishment in the political arena extends from heads-of-state to mass-appeal media. Joshua is deeply engaged in American politics and policy, and has contributed the same in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. His experience encompasses government, military, nonprofit, campaign, and private-sector affairs. Most recently, Joshua served as the Communications Director for the Chuck DeVore campaign for the United States Senate based in Sacramento, California.

In 2008, Joshua founded and served as president of Treviño Strategies and Media (now Rogue Strategic Services) where he assisted clients wishing to engage in strategic planning, organizational conversations, political outreach, communications, and new media. Prior to founding his own firm, Joshua served as Vice President of Public Policy for Pacific Research Institute.

Appointed by US President George W. Bush, Joshua supported HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson in 2001, and by 2003 rose to manage all of his international communications. The media frequently courts Joshua’s views on political candidates and strategies employed by world governments. His roles have taken him to most corners of the world to encourage productive dialogue. Through it all, he has proved to be a staunch digital advocate of Israel supporting the Jewish State online. Currently, Joshua is a partner of Rogue Strategic Services.


Josh Nanberg

Josh NanbergJosh Nanberg is a Washington, D.C. based communications and political consultant. His extensive expertise in strategic messaging, issue advocacy and grassroots campaigns helps corporations, government agencies, non-profits and political candidates gain customers, pass legislation, and win elections.

In the late 1990s, Nanberg developed notable communications strategies that connected U.S. Military personnel serving abroad with hometown radio outlets. He also devised radio outreach strategies for some of the nation’s most prominent companies and newest startups at the dawn of the dot-com era.  

After leading a radio outreach campaign for then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2000 Senate race that reached nearly 17 million listeners and drove turnout in targeted areas of New York, Nanberg joined one of the nation’s leading technology-focused PR firms. He designed and implemented an online security company’s first government affairs strategy. Nanberg also hailed on the award-winning team that introduced “.tv” domain names with a campaign that highlighted not only the client, but also featured Tuvalu’s entry into the United Nations resulting from the .tv domain sale.

Returning to the political scene, Nanberg has energized several senior campaign roles as Regional Political Director for AIPAC. He managed the campaign of former California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, as well as the 2006 primary campaign for Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick J. Murphy.

Nanberg holds Bachelors’ degrees in Communications and Public Policy from Syracuse University and a Masters in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.


Dan Goldman

Dan GoldmanDan Goldman has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry building compelling consumer sites, services and products. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of WorldLive Mobile, a startup building cutting-edge mobile applications for fans and brands. Dan has served as CTO at Zedge – the leading mobile social network – that has grown to over 18 million registered users – and earlier for several major Internet brands including iVillage and, where he built and launched multiple online properties. Previously he was CIO for Perot Systems, and a manager at NeXT Computer.





Andre Oboler, Ph.D.

Andre ObolerDr Andre Oboler is Director of the Community Internet Engagement Project and Editor of Zionism On The Web. Dr Oboler is an expert in social media, online public diplomacy and internet racism. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Advisors of the Capital Jewish Forum, Chair of the IEEE Computer Society (Victorian Section) and is co-chair of the Online Antisemitism Working Group of the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism. He has been a Legacy Heritage Fellow, National Secretary of the Union of Jewish Students (UK), Secretary of a Zionist Youth Movement (Australia), Deputy on the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and Officer of the National Postgraduate Committee (UK). He served for two years with the Board of Directors of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (UK), is a graduate of the MFA's Young Diplomatic Jewish Leadership Seminar and is a member of the ROI Community.  He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University (UK) and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Political Science department at Bar-Ilan University (Israel). Dr Oboler has lived in South Africa, Australia, the UK and Israel.





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