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Burmese army takes DKBA stronghold

Burmese army takes DKBA stronghold thumbnail
Troops from the breakaway DKBA faction rest near to Waw Lay, which has now been captured by the Burmese army (Francis Wade)
Published: 11 November 2010

A key stronghold of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) has been captured by Burmese troops after hours of heavy artillery bombardment.

The Waw Lay base inside Karen state was taken yesterday after government troops peppered buildings with heavy fire. Several houses, including that of renegade DKBA leader Na Kham Mwe, were also razed.

A DKBA official said that during the fight, Burmese soldiers captured and killed a local man, Maung Aye, who was thought to be close to the rebel faction. The official also said that soldiers forcibly recruited eight local villagers to work as porters, who were tortured.

It follows heavy fighting earlier this week in the Burmese border town of Myawaddy, which erupted after Na Kham Mwe and his troops took key military positions. The violence forced up to 20,000 refugees across the border into neighbouring Thailand, before an assault by the Burmese army eventually pushed the DKBA out.

The majority of the refugees have now returned, although stability in and around Myawaddy remains questionable. Fighting also erupted further south in Payathonzu on Monday and continued yesterday, forcing additional refugees across the border.

According to the Thailand Burma Border Consortium, there were around 5000 refugees yesterday sheltering in Sangkhla Buri, which acts as a crossing point to Payathonzu (or Three Pagodas Pass).

Although the Thai army has been helping refugees in Mae Sot to return to their homes in Myawaddy, the situation for the 5000 further south is not known.

Na Kham Mwe’s faction split from the junta-allied DKBA earlier this year when the group’s top brass agreed to government demands to transform into a Border Guard Force (BGF). The move will see troops assimilated into the Burmese army, something that Na Kham Mwe has consistently rejected.

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  1. Shwehyinthar says:

    The camp may collapse but their morales are high. The hardened war veteran Na Kham Mwe seems well aware of the Art of War:”If weaker numerically, be capable of withdrawing.” He knows
    wemaneuvering and engaging the Force. He was born to fight for freedom.

  2. SadCitizen says:

    Our country is plague with stupid ideology. If Stupid army and those stupid rebel groups exist our country will never gain peace and endless generation will suffer.

    They all stupid. Even they grow old never learn to understand what is right and wrong.

    So sad!!!.

  3. Be united says:

    To me the real rebel is the Burmese Government. No one like them, just name it, Shan, Kachin, Kayin, Chin, burmese and so on. What gov got is weapons to threaten their own people. We are loosing our own war. But I hope all of the minority groups will united as one and take revolution against our own government one day and finally elect the person we love, he/she who also love his country.

  4. paperclip says:

    Na Kham Mwe should be captured and tried since what he did jeopardize people’s lives. No matter what and who he fights for, taking over a town of 20,000 people and burning down the buildings is coward.

  5. richard says:

    Paperclip you should be there, and see not hear, hope you are one of people live there, not like sitting on your ass on the computer

  6. asaw says:

    lot of people need to win DKBA..All hate burmese army.Hopely DKBA joining KNLA and fighting together.

  7. rohingya says:

    Who suporting burmese army is a coward.Na kham mwe is one of the courage man in the world.We must be
    united now and rid off military junta.It is time for action to cruel military junta,brought them and justic international criminal court.

  8. paperclip1988 says:

    Just so u know. I live in Myawaddy for first 20 years of my lives, and my parents are still living there. I just can’t imagine my parents living among bullets and shells…

    70 years old my parents don’t deserve this, and so as other 20,000 people there. Whoever started this, he is a coward. The defenseless public is being used as a shield there…One more thing about “porters”. Do you know who started taking “porters” on Monday morning? Tell me if you know. If you don’t i can tell you who did it. U won’t like it!


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