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Admission Information

 Multi-Department Admission Packet

Admissions, Swearing In, and Character and Fitness: Any questions on admission to the Bar, swearing in and character and fitness application materials should be directed to the appropriate Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. Each applicant for admission should visit the website of the appropriate Appellate Division of the Supreme Court by clicking on the link in the box below to learn of their individual requirements or forms. The telephone numbers and website links are as follows:

First Department (646) 386-5893
Second Department (718) 923-6360
Third Department (518) 471-4778
Fourth Department (585) 530-3100

The Board of Law Examiners has no information about, and is unable to answer questions regarding the Application for Admission to Practice, which you may download by clicking the link above "Multi-Department Admission Packet" You should read the General Instructions very carefully, and direct any questions to the Judicial Department in which you reside or to which you have been certified.

If an applicant has a change of address resulting in a change in Department between the time of receiving the application forms and the results of the bar examination, the applicant should immediately notify the Board in writing of such change. The Board, in turn, will acknowledge receipt of the change to such applicant and notify each Department involved of the change.