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First tropical depression of the 2010 Atlantic season forms in the Caribbean

By Eliot Kleinberg

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

The weather system that might threaten efforts to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, or drive ashore what's already spread, is now the season's first tropical depression - and as early as today, may be its first Tropical Storm: Alex.

The depression - denoting a tighter, more defined system - is far from South Florida, and mostly of interest only to those who keep box scores, though it is expected to steer rain to the area. But there is the threat to the gulf, so it's getting more attention than any of the many waves and depressions that come and go in June.

According to the National Hurricane Center's 6 p.m. tropical weather outlook, "Tropical Depression One" has become better organized as it approaches the Yucatan Peninsula, and is "expected" to become a tropical storm tonight or Saturday.

It has sustained winds of about 35 miles per hour, with higher gusts, the outlook said. It is still moving west-northwest at about 10 miles per hour, and should continue on that track "for the next couple of days," the forecast said.

An Air Force plane flew into it Friday to confirm see if it already was a depression.

The storm was expected to reach the Yucatan by late Saturday, and models have it either continuing west into Mexico or north, which could bring it in contact with the spill according to Dave Roberts, a U.S. Navy hurricane specialist assigned to the National Hurricane Center.

"The picture will probably come a little clearer over the weekend," Roberts said. Rain chances were forecast to jump from about 20 percent today to 70 percent Saturday and Sunday in Palm Beach County, and 50 percent in the Treasure Coast.

Forecasters did say most of the rainfall associated with the system will stay south of the region, but said one to two inches could fall in areas from Miami and Naples to Palm Beach County between Friday night and Sunday night.

The Treasure Coast will be yet further from the action.

Staff writer Sonja Isger contributed to this story.

God Bless Us All!!! Too early. Personally speaking, I'm still stuck in Hurricane Wilma's loss, as I'm sure so many others are! We all need to be ready way ahead of time, as the past taught us hopefully how fickle & devastating hurricanes can be. Don't undermine any threat no matter how minor it may first seem. Always be prepared for the worst! Neighbors, friends, family, strangers, be there for the ones who have been struck, they need the support. Do onto others, as you want done for you!
It's almost 9:00 pm and I and my family are in Cancun and the First tropical depression of the 2010 Atlantic season forms in the Caribbean is coming at us. We are suppose to leave here tomorrow and we are praying that we will be able to. There are many other Americans her in the same boat, Please pray for us. Thank you!!!!
Great. I'm in Los Angeles with a flight scheduled on Sunday to arrive in Melbourne, FL in the evening. Just in time to put up the shutters if it develops and swings east. Maybe I'll just leave those things up when I have to drive back to Los Angeles in a few weeks. Regards to those on the oil drenched west coast - I'm sick to my stomach.
I have never seen the oceans but once when I was too little to understand the beauty of it. I pray for all who are suffering from the oil spill, and now you have to bare this Hurricane. But it could stall, or take a turn away from you. It is possible, for God can do anything and he is the only one who can stop it dead in it tracks or send it another direction. Please know we who are not in the trouble your in, and suffering the terrible things you are, love you and are praying for you.Praying
Sherlene Kelley
2010-06-25 22:43:21.451
This is HAARP technology. The apparatus is in Alaska and it has the capability to create floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and yes hurricanes AND steer them as well. This was the techology of Tesla, who was a genius. Check out the book by Dr. Nick Begich.

Welcome to the new world order.
Stay put. With all the experience about hurricanes, we've all experienced, I'm going to take a stab at this. Though 2005 was the worst year ever for all of us, none of these hurricanes hit in the early months. The ones that did were all well formed before they ever got started.
I'm going to project that this storm picks up an additional 20 - 25 mph in the next 1 to 2 days and still remains a tropical storm thoughout.
Kick me if I'm wrong.
Sherlene Kelley...good for you woman! There's more power in your words than what many would realise. May the spirit of your prays also rebound upon your loved ones and yourself with all the blessings of the Lord. Beautiful! Just beautiful!
2010-06-26 05:16:30.977

A response to the person who posted about the "HAARP technology" -- that post (and the whole HAARP conspiracy theory) is pure nonsense, although many people who don't understand science or scientific research obviously believe it. Belief is not the same thing as truth!

Check out the facts on Wikipedia (URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_F... ).

incredulous in Boynton Beach
2010-06-26 06:03:20.962
Meanwhile, the INVASION of the USA continues... http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com
2010-06-26 08:05:31.932
Great Posts. We, here in FL ahve been through many storms. My concern is the Oil and what it could do to comtaminate the coast more so that it is already doing.
There are many military bases along the Gulf, I still do not understand why the US did not push DP aside and fix this mess. Instead we have treated them like children and slapped there hands saying fix it and pay us. One would think damamges could ahve been discussed after the cap which does not seem to be a prority.
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