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Hi there. ttyload is a little *NIX utility I wrote which is meant to give a color-coded graph of load averages over time. More information to come -- but by popular demand, I've gone ahead and "released" what I've got so far. Please respect my requests as outlined in the LICENSE file contained in the tarball. Screenshots[0] are also available, if you want to see what it looks like.


In theory, this should work, or be relatively easily made to work, on most POSIX/UNIX type platforms. Platforms known to work include:

Porting for platforms that are derivatives of one of these should be trivially easy. Porting for other platforms should also be quite doable, though may require a bit more work. The program is structured to be (I hope) easy to port.


NEW (2008-09-16): ttyload-0.5.tar.gz is now available for download. Several new options and behaviors added, most notably initial detection of window size. Also, new licensing, which should hopefully be OSS-compatible.

Previous version still available: ttyload version 0.4.4 (source code in tar.gz format)

MD5 (ttyload-0.5.tar.gz) = b7f81a7f7c7069d76884e1f7c67e478b
MD5 (ttyload-0.4.4.tar.gz) = f331a7aa48f62cc1ff4d53d16b1fe032

See the change log for past changes.

Current features and limitations overview:

Future plans:

Other possible future things:

Donations Welcome!

Hi there. Donations to support ttyload (or really, its author) are welcome.

(Eventually, I'll be changing the license on this so that it will become GratuityWare, but I'm not sure when, because I haven't written the GratuityWare Public License yet. ;-)


[0] -- I also have a "screenshot" from a fan... that and perhaps future fanmail is being collected on the ttyload fan mail page.

[1] -- if 'uname -s' on your IRIX machine says "IRIX64", then in the ttyload directory, run this command before typing make: 'ln -s IRIX arch/IRIX64'. In a future release, I'll probably obviate the need to do this, but that works fine for the 0.4.3 release, and should continue to be the workaround until I get around to fixing it for real. :-)