ARM The Architecture For The Digital World  

Software Enablement

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ARM is the world’s leading provider of physical semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex System on Chip (SoC) integrated circuits. ARM physical IP platforms consist of Logic IP, Embedded Memory IP and Interface IP all optimized for a specific foundry process.  The ARM architecture provides design engineers with a robust choice of operating system (OS) and application support. With over 15 billion processors shipped, choosing ARM provides developers with a wide selection of OS and application solutions that have been proven in a large number of high-volume products.

Many OSes and applications are available on ARM processors to meet the requirements of different markets, hardware systems and applications.

ARM works closely with software companies to assist with support of architectural features, robustness and the tracking of ever-evolving market requirements.

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Operating Systems

ARM partners with various OS and RTOS vendors to ensure the broadest selection of Operating Systems for products ranging from mobile phones to personal computers. ARM OS partners include:

Additionally, ARM works with the Linux community to ensure the most robust support possible for the ARM architecture.  The commercial Linux partners include:


ARM works with various applications software vendors to deliver the full, rich internet experience on ARM.  Application partners include:

Full List of OS and RTOS partners

Below is a list of all OS and RTOS partners who support the ARM architecture: