Pose #28: Tears/Teasing

Han Ga Eun tears

If you aren’t convinced that an expression makes a difference while posing, then consider this dual pose known as tears or teasing. For those who want more syllables, the synonym for tears pose is “I’m cute but can still cry” pose. Both poses require your index finger from one or two hands pointing to an area under your eye, but the expression differentiates between tears and teasing. If you want to do tears, you would make a sad expression like a pout. If you want to do teasing, you could stick out your tongue to provoke your audience. The choice is up to you, although the tears pose encourages others to enjoy your pain and suffering.

Hwang Mi Hee teasing

Visual Examples
Modeled by Hwang Mi Hee (Korean), Han Ga Eun (Korean), Seo You Jin (Korean), and Song Jina (Korean)
Gallery last updated July 7, 2009

Pose #27: Horns

You can create horns by extending your index finger upwards and clenching your remaining fingers. Place your hand near your face with palms facing outward and make a funny facial expression.

Hwang Mi Hee and Han Ga Eun

Real horns versus the horn pose

Visual Examples
Modeled by Han Ga Eun and Seo You Jin
Gallery last updated June 29, 2009

Pose #26: Salute

Seo You Jin Salute

The salute is a common hand gesture seen around the world. You may have seen this pose in the military or used after a game winning touchdown, but I assure you that this pose can be very cute. To perform this pose, choose your favourite eye brow (right or left). You’ll use the hand that’s on the same side as your chosen eyebrow to do the salute. With this hand, you can have all fingers extended or just the index and middle finger extended (other fingers clenched). Place this hand at or near your eyebrow at an angle and you’re good to go!

To differentiate this salute from a military style salute, the choice of expression is crucial. You don’t want to perform this pose with a straight face. Instead, you should use facial expressions like a puffy face, a wink, or a big grin.

You can learn more by reading the salute article from Wikipedia.

Visual Examples
Modeled by Bang Eun Young, Kang Yui, Lee Kyeong Min, Sakurai Hinoki, Seo You Jin
Gallery last updated June 19, 2009

Pose #25: Okay

Seo You Jin Okay Pose

This pose, like many other poses featured on this site, is frequently used by everyone regardless of race. This gesture creates the word “OK” using your fingers. To create the “O”, join your index finger and thumb, such that it forms a circle. The “K” is created with your remaining fingers extended. The palm of your hand should be facing outwards and your hand can be brought near your face if you wish.

For further reading, you can take a look at the Okay hand gesture described on Wikipedia.

Visual Examples
Modeled by a model I cannot name, Gu Ji Sung, MOKO model Chilli, and Seo You Jin
Gallery last updated June 11, 2009

Pose #24: Nyan Nyan~

nyan nyan Seo You Jin pose

I was told that this pose was the classic anime/manga cat girl pose, where they put their paws up to their cheeks. The word “nyan nyan” is sometimes used to describe the noise a cat makes. The pose is quite simple, using one or two hands, make a fist and put it up to your cheek with palms facing outwards. Optionally, you can wear cat ears and a collar with a bell on it, if you want to make sure no one misinterprets this pose.

nyan nyan in anime

A perfect anime example from Anime Blog ga Arimasu

Visual Examples
Modeled by Ahn Ri Na, Gu Ji Sun, Han Ji Eun, Hwang Mi Hee, and Seo You Jin
Gallery last updated June 3, 2009

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