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This wiki includes a listing of currently shipping or easily available non-shipping mechanical switch keyboards sorted by switch type.

BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER make sure you have read the Geekhack Mechanical Switch Guide.

[top]Some caveats

* The list is not meant to be complete. Some of the more obscure keyboard switch types and hard to find keyboards are purposely omitted since this is more of a new user guide, not a collector’s reference.
* I have purposely left out some of the more specialty variants of the common keyboard to keep things simple: ergonomic models, numpads, and LED variants. Do a search of the forum for these.
* The links and prices below are for US resellers and in US dollars. For International Resellers by Country see the links at the end.
* At the end of the post is a listing of the most popular keyboards reviewed here at Geekhack. Most will have multiple reviews. Note: this section is identical to the one in the Geekhack Mechanical Switch Guide.

[top]Mechanical Keyboards Sorted By Switch


ALPS White (simplified) - 60-70g
Filco FKBN87Z/EB (Zero) - Fukkas
Filco FKBN87Z/EB-Y (older model) -XMs
Edit: No longer available from Elite Keyboards
Matias Tactile Pro 3.0 - Fukkas (available direct for $150 or retail)
Solidtek KB-6600ABU - Fukkas - $71 at Amazon
SIIG Minitouch (not Plus, Plus is rubber dome) - (Limited Edition Geekhack Model for $90)

ALPS White Clicky (Complicated) - 65g
Focus 2001 without Windows Keys (Used ones available on Ebay $50 to $100)
Note: although other vintage models are available they tend to be more expensive and rarer

Buckling Spring - approx 70g
IBM Model M (see Wikipedia entry IBM Model M or ClickyKeyboards for specific model numbers) On Ebay for anywhere from $20 (trashy well used) to $150(NIB). If you are lucky you can find tossed in a dumpster (or skip for you Brits).
IBM Model F PC/AT (Capacitive Switch) - approx 60g (used on Ebay for $100-200, Mint/NIB for up to $450)
Unicomp – most models (the “Enhanced Quiet Touch” and Mighty Mouse are rubber domes. Recommend the USB SpaceSaver at $69.)

Cherry (MX Blue) - 50g
Filco FKBN87MC/EB tenkeyless (available from EliteKeyboards for $121)
Cherry Keyboard G80-3000LSCRC-2 (has US and Chinese Characters ) $66 at Gemini Computers No longer stocked in the US.
Das Keyboard Professional Model S (recommend you buy direct for 30 day guarantee - $129 direct) Note: Media Key version discontinued
Adesso MKB-135B (full size) and MKB-125B (compact layout but large Enter key) Provantage MKB-135b for $73, Newegg for $77, MKB-125B for $62, B&H for $52, and other resellers stock.
DSI Modular Mac Keyboard KB-MODMAC-U-Click
iOne Scorpius M10. $50 from
iOne XArmor U9BL (backlit) $130 at Ergogeek or direct.
Razer Blackwidow. $79, $130 Ultimate (LED version). Available PreOrder Direct.
Rosewill RK-9000. Available from Newegg for $99.99 plus shipping (Rosewill is their house brand) or Chiefvalue (same price, free shipping- sister site of Newegg. Also has a tendency to frequently offer $3 off coupons). Note that both stores are out of stock for the time being.


ALPS Black (original) - approx 70g
Dell AT101W

ALPS Black (simplified) - Type 1 Simplified - "Fukkas" 60g, Others 70g
ABS M1 (Fukkas) (Newegg has frequent sales) No Longer Available

Cherry (MX Brown) - 45g
Cherry Keyboard G80-3000LXCEU-2 (US with Euro symbol, Available for $97 at DataCal.) No longer stocked in US.
Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent (available for $135 direct)
DSI Modular Mac Keyboard KB-MODMAC-U-Non. $131 direct.
Filco FKBN87M/EB ($121 at Elitekeyboards, also comes in 104 key)
iRocks KR-6230 ( $82 from MacMall)
Compaq MX 11800 (trackball) (Commonly available on Ebay)

Cherry (MX Clear) - 55g
Cherry Keyboard G80-3000LQCEU-2 ( does not seem to be sold in US)
Deck Legend – 105 Keys Ice (tactile) - (Available direct for $169)

Topre Capacitive Switch - varies from 30g to 55g - see Topre Wiki
Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2 (note: the HHKB Lite is rubber dome) (Elitekeyboards for $254)
Realforce 86U Elitekeyboards for $265 (the later version, the 87U is obsoleted)
Realforce 103U, Elitekeyboards for $245


Cherry MX Black (linear) - 40-80g, 60g at activation point
Cherry Keyboard G80-3000LPCEU-0 (US with Euro symbol - $92 here)
Cherry G80-11900 (touchpad)
Deck Legend – 105 Keys Ice (linear) (Available direct for $159, also comes in 82 key $119 and different colors)
DSI SMK-88 - (Available on at $129)
Filco FKBN87ML/EB (Tenkeyless for $121 at Elitekeyboards and also comes in 104 key)
Steelseries 7G
Steelseries 6G V2 (in stock here and other retailers worldwide)

[top]PS/2 to USB Adapters

There are two that appear to be the most compatible and both share the same Cypress Semiconductor chip.

Blue Cube - Cyberguys for$8.20 (get this extension dongle while you are there).Amazon. Ebay: UK Seller Cable_Star Ships Worldwide - - search for terms "USB A Male to PS/2 Female PS2 Active Keyboard Adapter".
Belkin Mouse and Keyboard F5U119-E - Amazon. Ebay: US Source.

[top]International Resellers By Country


AusPC - Stocks Filco including blank keys and Das


Elitekeyboards - ships to Canada and full warranty support for Filco, HHKB and RealForce[/URL]

Newegg - Rosewill RK-9000 for $85 Canadian.

NCIX - Das. Steelseries.

Tek Gear - Das


taobao (online Ebay type site) (Including the Cherry Corp. Brown Cherry Doubleshot G80-3484HKCUS-2 Handy TaoBao buying guide here. One recommended agent is Obook.
Duckys from a variety of sellers here.

[top]Hong Kong - Stock includes Cherry keyboards including the ever elusive Red Cherry G80-3494
General Electronics stores - Mongkok and elsewhere.

[top]Shenzen (North Of Hong Kong)

SEG Electronics Market, the largest Electronics Market in the world - you might get lucky and find a Mechanical Keyboard there


Pacific Digital Plaza - address. PCOnline has the DoubleShot Brown Cherry Corp G80-3484HCKUS-2 (Link) as well as Filcos.


[top]Germany - Filcos and Das Deck Legend and 82s.


Digicore-Xtreme. Filcos and Steelseries.



GameShop - Stocks Filco including blank keys

[top]Taiwan - Topre RealForce 87U, Filco, Steelseries and Thermaltake Meka

[top]United Kingdom

The Keyboard Company - Stocks Filco and in the future RealForce (vendor subforum here) Cherry G80-3000 Blue for 60 pounds
UK Layout Keyboards Wiki

[top]Reviews of Popular Keyboards

though there are many more keyboards in the review section of the forum here are links to reviews for some of the more popular keyboards here at GeekHack. Although some may not have the particular switch you were interested in they generally give you lots of buying information you can not find anywhere else and without the "bias" you see in many Internet "Reviews".

In Alphabetical Order

Adesso MK-135B Review.
Cherry Corp G80 series G80-3000SLRC - Blue Cherry MX Review 1. Review 2.G80-3494 Red Cherry. G80-3000 Clear Cherry.
Das S (shipped briefly with Media keys but are now removed) Das S Review. Das S Review 2. Das Vs Filco. Das Vs. Filco 2.
Ducky keyboards Ducky 9008. Ducky 1087 Tenkeyless.
Filco Tenkeyless - Various Switches Blue Cherry Otaku. Blue Cherry Otaku 2. Das Vs Filco. Das Vs. Filco 2.
Filco Fullsized Brown Cherry MX. Brown Cherry MX 2.
IBM Model F (Buckling Spring Capacitive) - Review.
IBM Model M (Buckling Spring Membrane) - Comparison of IBM/Lexmark/Unicomp.
IBM Model M2 (Buckling Spring Membrane) - Review.
IBM Model M4 - Review.
IBM Model M15 - Review.
Matias Tactile Pro 3 - ALPS Simplified Type 1 (Fukkas) Review 1. Review 2.
PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 Review 1. Review 2.
PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite Review 1. Review 2.
Razer Black Widow Non-Illuminated 1. Non-Illuminated Video Review.
Rosewill RK-9000 "First Looks Review" - no pics. Review 2.
Scorpius M-10 - Blue Cherry MX Review 1.
Solidtek 6600 - White Clicky Simplified Type 1 ALPS Review.
SteelSeries 6G V2 - Black Cherry MX Nordic Layout.
Topre RealForce 86U, 87U, 103U - RealForce 86U. RealForce 87U. RealForce 87U 55g. RealForce Versus HHKB.
Unicomp - Buckling Spring Unicomp Endurapro with pointing stick. Uncomp Customizer. Unicomp Customizer 2.

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