The A330/A340 Family concept is unique: one basic airframe is available in six different configurations, powered by two or four engines. The twin-engine A330 is optimised for highest revenue generation and the lowest operating costs from regional segments to extended range routes, while the four-engine A340 provides versatility on the most demanding long-range and ultra-long-range flights.

Twin-and four-engine efficiency

Data displayed in the above range chart refers to typical seating configurations and maximum range.

The A330/A340 Family is composed of six jetliner versions that share the same fuselage cross-section and offer significant commonality with the optimum mix of operating characteristics in terms of aircraft size, range and economics.

The A330/A340 use Airbus’ unique 222-inch fuselage cross-section, offering the highest levels of comfort in all travel classes. Large underfloor cargo areas accommodate containerised or palletised cargo, including the industry-standard LD-3 containers.

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