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The Loose Wheel Sports Bar and Grill  - Tacoma, Washington
All the sports...all the time

"There ain't no place quite like this this MUST be the  place.©
Delicious Food...Ice Cold Beers...BIG Drinks...AFFORDABLE!

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Thursday 10 AM 2 AM
Friday 10 AM 2 AM
Saturday 9 AM 2 AM



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Food is great the service is the best and the waitresses are HOT. I ran into many friends there that I know locally. That is a recipe for success!! Rog - Tacoma

Me, my wife and our friends come in for dinner and drink at least twice a week. At least. We've made sure to tell the owners that the food is great, and that the service is always wonderful (especially Matt...sorry ladies! j/k), and that the place is fantastic. I guess we just wanted everyone else to know, too! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!  Patrick F. - Tacoma

We stopped by Monday Aug. 9th. We had heard about your place so we came in for breakfast. It was about 10:30am and your server Lisa explained breakfast was a weekend end thing. We were craving breakfast but the lunch menu looked very good. Lisa excused herself and came back to tell us the cook would gladly prepare breakfast for us. And so he did. It was prepared to perfection. Not too large and not too small. If these two people are indicative of the rest of your staff then you have one hell of a great thing happening. In fact we went back that same evening for meatloaf. Spectacular!! We are in our early sixties and dine out several nights a week with neighbors and friends. We are all car nuts from show cars to classics so your place just blends right in with our lifestyle. One of these days I'll bring in my racing bar-stool. Keep it up troops your looking good. Warm regards.
Bob E. - University Place

My husband & I stopped in for lunch yesterday based on the fact that we get triple air miles on our Alaska credit card & the fact that we like to try new eateries in the area.  Manny was our server.  He was very friendly.  The food was great!!   We tend to judge a restaurant by how the gizzards & Ruben sandwiches are prepared.  It's always a gamble.  They were both excellent & we will be back!
Jo C. - Tacoma


I've been in search of the perfect hot wing, and you guys did not disappoint.  I can't remember our waitresses name, but I think it started with an S and she was a cute black girl, anyway, she was awesome. Megan B. - Tacoma

Blogging about your wings here:

I had the Stupid hot wings and all I can say is DELICIOUS!!! I've been thinking about them almost everyday and I definitely will be back for more - great food - great atmosphere - great service! and the icy cold beer isn't too bad too! Now
why can't a place like this be next to my house?!?!
Elisha G. - Lakewood

Finally a place that has it all for us racing, lots of nice people and great food.
Jim & Laurie M. - Puyallup

I read the initial "fried pickle" review in the Trib (Tacoma News Tribute), and decided to stop in to see what all the fuss was about. I walked into a very nice, inviting space, with plenty of room and activities, from watching sports on the many HD screens, to a coin operated punching bag and basketball machines.

I sat at the bar, and had a frosty mug of Mirror Pond served right away...looked at the menu, and while the burgers and sandwiches looked great, I decided to go with the "kid's" bacon burger. For only $4, this was a great little slider that was served with a smile and a huge pile of fries.

The service was great (Thanks, Amy!) and I intend to go back and try the BLT, which I am told is just short of fantastic. Good job, all. Gene D - Olalla

The "Wheel" is our new favorite hangout, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week.  The food is excellent and drinks are strong.  The owners and bartenders are absolutely fantastic.  They did a great job of accommodating are party of 30+ for a 60th birthday after only being open a couple of weeks!  We can't stop talking about this place and have given up our old bar all together!!!  Great place for parties, sporting events, happy hour, etc!  We are telling everyone we know and will keep coming back!   Jenn Q. - Tacoma
Wow, what more to say.  Your place looks great and the food was awesome!  The games, OH the games!  Was surprised to find your great selection of game machines.  Have not been able to play on a hockey table in awhile.  Back soon for grub, and my turn to win at hockey!  Kevin R. - Tacoma As long as Manny makes my drinks and Matt brings them to me...we'll come back forever! The Loose Wheel RULES! Karen - Tacoma

WOW! We ate here today at lunch, and what a meal...HUGE and DELICIOUS!!! Our gentleman server was funny, friendly, and prompt. Our lady bartender made one heck of a Washington Apple. The last owner of this spot must have been a bad businessman, because this place will be BIG! THANKS LOOSE WHEEL!  Cynthia R. - Tacoma

AWESOME. We went to two places to eat before coming across The Loose Wheel and boy was it our lucky day!!! We were very impressed with every aspect of our visit, great food, great service, menu was outta' this world! Nice, clean and loved all the things to do while there! We most definitely be back!!!!  Bill & Linda - Tacoma

Wow!! A great new place. Ate and drank:) on Tuesday evening.  Service was wonderful, atmosphere nice, friendly staff. Great food and prices!! We will be back!  Kari M. - Tacoma

Wow!!! We ate there the opening night. Wings were super - burger and fries were incredible. People are friendly. Nice to have you in the neighborhood.  Jim and Tami B. - Tacoma

The Staff and the Owners were INCREDIBLE!!! We had a large group of LIFTERS car members and wanted a sampler plate to try out different menu items. On the grand opening night. At first there was no sampler plate on the menu?  BUT THE OWNER CAME OVER AND WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND ARE EXPECTATIONS AND SPECIALLY MADE ARE BIG GROUP OF CAR GUYS A SAMPLER PLATE. The food was also very good!!!!!  Two thumbs up on your New Place of business and your Service!!!! We all will be back very soon. Thank you once again for your 5 star service!!!   Jimmy - LIFTERS NCC -  Tacoma

We had our first lunch here today. Good food with big portions. It was a little busy, but the young man who helped us was keeping up well. We made sure to keep him on his toes...and in our eye line. :) The other young man, whom I was told was one of the owners, was very charming. We're three mature cougars, and we will come back just for the view. ;}  Everdine, Barb, and Louise  - Tacoma

Very nice place...lots of girls....great atmosphere....the last few places that have opened here have never made (it), but i believe this place will stick around.  Anthony K. - Tacoma


We attended the grand opening and those of us who ate, had nothing but good to say. Try the Steak Wrap as it was graded an "A". The blue cheese burger is a must. And congrats, because the chicken strips were as light as they come. Good job to the Pit Crew!
Tracy S. - Tacoma

Hey guys way to go! You did a wonderful job on the new place.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

John and Kerri T. - University Place





The Loose Wheel Sports Bar and Grill
All the sports...all the time

6108 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98406
Phone: (253) 301-1647

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