Dr Fiona Wood AM

Western Australia's only female plastic surgeon is a mother of six, Head of Royal Perth Hospital's Burns Unit and Director of the Western Australia Burns Service. She is also co-founder of Clinical Cell Culture, a private company recognised in medical circles for its world-leading research and breakthroughs in the treatment of burns.

In addition, Dr Fiona Wood is also a Clinical Professor with the School of Pediatrics and Child Health at the University of Western Australia and Director of the McComb Research Foundation.

She has become world renowned for her patented invention of spray on skin for burns victims, and for leading a courageous and committed team in the fight to save 28 Bali bombing patients suffering from between two and 92 per cent body burns, deadly infections and delayed shock.

Her exceptional leadership and surgical skills and the fact that she had the vision to plan for a large-scale disaster five years before the Bali tragedy, brought world-wide praise and recognition to the Royal Perth Hospital Burns Unit and highlighted the ground breaking research into burns treatment taking place in Western Australia.

Via her research, Fiona found that scarring is greatly reduced if replacement skin could be provided within 10 days. As a burns specialist the holy grail for Dr Fiona Wood is 'scarless woundless healing'.

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