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  • Software

    This page contains links to the programs and scripts I have written. The bulk of my work is done in PHP-CLI or PHP-GTK. However, there may be a few ghosts hanging around in here that are in Perl or Dash/Bash script. If you use any of these, I would welcome suggestions for how I could improve any or all of the projects.

    Large-scale Projects

      A tool for converting between bitplane and bitmap graphic formats (Windows Bitmap and XBM). There’s dozens of custom defined user tiles available.
    • libPirate
      A PHP library for game translation and ROM hacking in general. The culmination of my last 7 years of code.
    • NINJA
      A secure patching format that can create patches independent of ROM type and verify the user’s ROM against the original file with three forms of hashing.
    • NotSoFancy!
      A moderately simple PHP script to allow directory listing on servers that do not allow directory indexing. It is fully themeable and can also be used to integrate fancy directory indexes into an existing Web site.


    Small-scale Projects

    • DerEditor
      A multi-platform Python script written using wxPython. DerEditor provides a simple GUI interface for editing all of Der Langrisser’s internal structures.
    • DOSBox Linker
      A PHP shell script for Windows to make it easy to create Send To shortcuts or other links that will run an old DOS application in DOSBox and pass it files from Explorer.
    • Eudora Extractor
      A PHP shell script that disassembles a Eudora e-mail box into plain text files for importing into other clients.
    • WineLocale
      An AppLocale equivalent for Wine to let you launch CJK applications in the popular not-an-emulator. It’s written in SH shell scripting, so it should work with BASH, KSH and possibly others.
    • Saturn ADPCM Ripper -BROKEN LINK
      A script to extract all audio clips from a Saturn ADPCM.DAT file to a folder. This tool has only been tested with La Nouvelle Fanpasia: Gulliver Boy.
    • Knights of Xentar VOL Ripper -BROKEN LINK
      A script to extract all the VOL audio clips from the CD version of Knights of Xentar. It may or may not work with other games.
    • Langrisser I&II Script Dumper -BROKEN LINK
      Extracts all script text from the Langrisser I&II PSX data files.
    • Langrisser Map Dumper -BROKEN LINK
      Using the images provided on the Langrisser I and Langrisser II PC edition discs, this script will extract all the game’s maps to single graphic files, one for each scenario. Requires GDLIB.

    Code Patches

    • AjaxWp & Lightbox Fix
      This is a code patch that fixes a link collision I found when integrating AjaxWp and Lightbox. For details about the problem, see post #354.