News: July-August 2008

Rev. Robert Vanden Bosch Executive Director

News: July-August 2008


  • Dysfunctional Government Continues
  • McDonald’s Supports the  Homosexual Agenda
  • Thank You for Your Help!
  • Schedule for  2008

Dysfunctional Government Continues

On Tuesday, August 12, the Illinois General Assembly was called back into special session at 3 PM to deal with education funding, by Governor Rod Blagojavich. The Governor had no proposals on the table for the legislators to consider regarding education funding. Furthermore, the Governor, who said he called the special session at the request of the Black Caucus, said he was disappointed that they did not offer him any suggestions.

On Wednesday, August 13, another special session was gaveled in to deal with the Capital Funding Bill. The special session was short-lived, with the Speaker of the House opening a regular session.

The Governor has been on his “Rewrite to do Right” campaign, rewriting legislation through the amendatory vetoes that he is giving. In the past, the Speaker has not allowed legislation like that to move out of the Rules Committee, but has killed them instead. During the session, both of the Governor’s amendatory vetoes were accepted. The impression is being given that this legislation will be brought to the courts to question the authority of the Governor to rewrite legislation in his amendatory vetoes.

Meanwhile, the Senate President is likely to be unhappy, since the Senate now has 15 days to act on these amendatory vetoes, or they are dead. Since the Senate President and governor are allies, it is likely that the governor will put pressure on the Senate President to call the Senators back to town.

The House of Representatives did pass a Capital Funding Plan to provide the funds to match the earmarks in the Federal Budget, so the state of Illinois will not lose federal funds.

Now, Governor Blagojavich is threatening to call the House and Senate back into session three to four days a week in September, until they come up with an education funding solution and a capital funding plan.

While the Olympics continue, so do the games in Illinois.



McDonalds Supports the Homosexual Agenda

McDonalds was recently in the news because of their active support of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. They paid $20,000 to become a member and to have a seat on the board. On March 12, 2008, the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce announced that Richard Ellis, Vice President of Communications for McDonald’s USA, was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is a politically active organization that seeks to undermine the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the tax code and in immigration law. They are working to pass ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would elevate homosexuality to the same status as race or religion under federal civil rights laws. They are also proponents of legislation that would label disapproval of homosexual behavior as a form of “hate” under the hate crimes laws.

This is not a live and let live organization, but seeks to overturn the boundaries and norms God has set for society. If their legislation passes into law, pastors would eventually be limited so they could no longer speak against homosexuality from the pulpits of the churches of America.

When the American Family Association asked McDonalds to remain neutral in the culture war, they have vehemently refused.

McDonald’s spokesman, Bill Whitman, even went so far in his statement to the Washington Post, to suggest that anyone who opposes same-sex marriage is motivated by hate, and that “...hatred has no place in our culture.” This is the same theme that is used by the homosexual community activists for years in their lobbying techniques.

McDonalds has built their empire on the backs of families, in particular, young families. They have provided good food at a reasonable price over the years, and provided a wonderful atmosphere in which children can play in their play-lands. Now this organization, that has built itself on the back of traditional families, is using the hard-earned money from families to promote an agenda and lifestyle that are contrary to everything in the family.

Now it has come out that McDonalds sponsors training for homosexuals on how to promote the homosexual agenda in their workplaces from the inside. Out and EqualTM Workplace Advocates is a national organization devoted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the workplace.

The goal of Out and EqualTM Workplace Advocates is to train employees how to aggressively promote homosexuality within the company they work for, all the way to the boardroom. At the bottom of McDonald’s half-page ad in the Out & Equal Summit booklet is this statement: “From neighborhood to neighborhood, coast to coast and around the world, McDonald’s is proud to celebrate diversity” (homosexuality).

As Christians, we must honestly ask ourselves in good conscience if this is a business we can support. McDonalds has taken sides against our families, against our children, and against a moral future for our nation. You can do something about it!


Schedule for 2008

Following are confirmed events where Rev. Vanden Bosch is scheduled to speak this summer.

August 17 AM Faith Baptist Church, Geneseo, IL PM Cathedral Baptist Church, Rockford, IL

August 24 AM Crosspoint Church, Fox Lake, IL

August 31 AM New Beginnings Evangelical Free Church, Quincy, IL

September 1 Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, Zion, IL

September 7 - PM First Baptist Church, Woodridge, IL

September 14 AM & PM Calvary Baptist Church, Charleston IL

Sept.ember 21 AM Liberty Bible Church, Eureka, IL PM El Vista Baptist Church, Peoria, IL

Sept.ember 28 AM Grace Bible Church, Berwyn, IL  PM Zion Bible Church, Zion, IL

October 5 AM First Christian Reformed Church, Rock Valley, IA

October 11 Family Values Breakfast, Freeport, IL

October 12 AM Gages Lake Bible Church, Gages Lake, IL

October 19 AM Trinity Christian Center, Zion, IL

October 22 PM Trinity Christian Center, Zion, IL

Show your support for our ministries by asking Rev. Vanden Bosch speak. Please contact our offices at (847) 526-7339.  There are still some open dates in November.


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Bits and Pieces

During the special session on August 12, the Illinois Senate took up the question of pay raises. During the Spring Session, the pay raise commission recommended that there be an additional 7% pay-raise, above the 3.8% pay raise for cost of living expenses for the legislature.

Under the law, the legislature has 30 legislative days to reject the pay raise. If they do not reject the pay raise, it will automatically take effect. While we often feel that our voices have no real effect, this is a time that they have.

Senate President, Emil Jones, was planning to let the pay raises take effect after the elections in November. However, when the governor called another special session this week, the 30 day period to reject the pay raises came to an end.

While Senator Jones said he needed the pay raise, and there would be no vote on the pay raise until after the election, the calling of a special session would have made the pay raises take effect this summer—before the election. The pressure from the public and the press was so great, that the Senate voted to reject the pay raise during the special session, with 47 Senators voting against the pay raise, and none voting for the pay raise.

It is significant to remember, that our government is one “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” We have a responsibility to be involved in government. In this case, legislative leaders would have been making over $100,000 per year (for a part-time legislature), and the governor would have received an additional pay raise of $17,000, bringing his salary to over $190,000 per year.

Senator Terry Link’s campaign workers were indicted on Wednesday, August 13, on charges that they forged ballot petition signatures for his re-election run. Dozens of the signatures on his petitions were fake, but he had enough signatures to remain on the primary ballot this Spring

Last year, there were millions of dollars spent on a stunning renovation of the House of Representatives. This month, the Representatives secretaries were sent to the House floor to clean out their desks because of a big mouse infestation, because legislators left candy in their desks.