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Esterel Technologies Introduces SCADE® ARINC 661 Solutions for Interactive Cockpit Displays Development


Elancourt, France and Boston, Massachusetts — October 13, 2010

Esterel Technologies, the leading worldwide provider of model-based development solutions for critical systems, announces the availability of SCADE ARINC 661 Solutions for creating ARINC 661-compliant Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) and User Applications (UA). The SCADE ARINC 661 Solutions are built on top of our market leading products, SCADE Suite®, which is used for developing User Applications, and SCADE Display®, which is used for developing symbology, and are made of three products that are sold independently. These products are:

  • The SCADE ARINC 661 Widget Designer that enables CDS suppliers to build their ARINC 661 widgets, and associated look and feel, as SCADE Suite and SCADE Display models. It comes with a default Widget Library, containing all ARINC 661 standard-based widgets, with the flexibility to edit and modify them at any time;
  • The SCADE ARINC 661 UA Designer Environment, itself composed of three modules:
    • The SCADE ARINC 661 UA Pages Creator that enables UA developers to create ARINC 661 UA pages by rapidly assembling ARINC 661 Widgets;
    • The SCADE ARINC 661 UA/Server Communication module that enables developers to co-simulate their User Applications and the ARINC 661 pages that have been created;
    • The SCADE ARINC 661 Server (PC implementation).
  • The SCADE ARINC 661 UA Definition File Generator that allows for generation of ARINC 661 standard binary Definition Files from the description of ARINC 661 pages, with its DO-178B level A Certification Kit;
  • The SCADE ARINC 661 Server and associated source code license, enabling users to port their server implementation onto the embedded target.

With SCADE ARINC 661 Solutions, aircraft manufacturers, Cockpit Display System developers and avionics User Applications developers can ensure ARINC 661 compliance and dramatically increase productivity while achieving the highest level of graphical quality and the safety considerations that must be obeyed when certifying these applications under DO-178B up to Level A.

The ARINC 661 standard normalizes the design of interactive CDS and the manner in which these systems communicate with UAs, such as Flight Management Systems, Flight Control Systems, Flight Warning System, etc., by using predefined and standardized graphical widgets, some of it changeable through pilot interaction (trackball, keyboard, tactile screens, etc), and by standardizing the communication protocol at runtime between a UA and the CDS. Thus, ARINC 661 ensures that the full CDS interactively behaves with the avionics systems in the same manner regardless of UA developer and CDS manufacturer.

SCADE Suite and SCADE Display have already been used on a number of large aircraft for developing ARINC 661 applications, including the Airbus A380, A400M and A350; the Sukhoi SuperJet 100; and the Sikorsky S-76D helicopter.

The SCADE ARINC 661 Solutions allows aircraft manufacturers, Cockpit Display Systems suppliers and User Applications suppliers to all benefit from an ARINC 661-compliant DO-178B qualified COTS tool suite and server technology, says Eric Bantegnie, President and CEO of Esterel Technologies. Airframers are able to rapidly prototype ARINC 661 widget look and feel to tailor their cockpits to the pilots needs, CDS suppliers are able to develop powerful and certified CDS systems and User Applications developers can reach an unprecedented level of productivity.

Product Availability and Details

The SCADE ARINC 661 Solutions will be commercially available in H2 2011. Prototypes and demonstrator servers are available immediately.

SCADE ARINC 661 Solution Web Seminar

Esterel Technologies SCADE ARINC 661 product manager, Vincent Rossignol, will host an informational web seminar on the new SCADE ARINC 661 Solutions on Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 10:00 am EDT and 2:00 pm EDT. The web seminar will introduce the ARINC 661 standard along with the underlying architecture and the standard library of interactive widgets. SCADE ARINC 661 will also be introduced from the point of view of the Cockpit Display System (CDS) developer and from the point of view of the User Applications (UA) developer. For more information and to register for this event, please visit

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