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Billy Ray Cyrus

Started playing in: 1990
Place: Flatwoods/Nashville/Los Angeles
Genre: Country
Website: Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus

Country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus joins NBC this summer as host of “Nashville Star.” Spanning the last 15 years, Cyrus has had a phenomenal career not only in the music world but in film and television, as well.

Last summer, Cyrus released his tenth album, Home At Last, on Walt Disney Records. The first single from the album, "Ready, Set, Don't Go," is a heartfelt ballad he wrote for his daughter Miley as she prepared to leave for Los Angeles from Tennessee to start production on "Hannah Montana.” The duet (featuring Miley Cyrus) and album both topped the Country charts.


posted on Wed Sep 2 11:35 PM
From Fan Daniel Gagne

Hi, Billy Ray. If you ever check your CMT page, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work. I fancy myself a Karaoke Artist, and your music is some of my favorite to sing. I was quite happy that my local Karaoke master acquired "Some Gave All" and "I Know the Words By Heart" recently,...

posted on Thu Aug 27 09:24 PM
Billy Ray hints at "Achy Breaky" remake

Billy Ray Cyrus revealed this week to CNN that his almost 20-year-old breakthrough blockbuster, "Achy Breaky Heart," may get updated, but not by him.


Billy Ray tells CNN that "there are some major stars who want t...

posted on Thu Aug 27 01:42 AM
hey bill ray

my name is jill i am a big fan of yours and i love your shows. when is you new cd coming out in hamilton ontairo

posted on Thu Apr 9 11:27 AM
Billy Ray's Back With a Taste of Home

His daughter isn't the only family member with a big release this week. Amongst the Hannah Montana: The Movie hubbub, Billy Ray Cyrus has released a brand new album this week called Back to Tennessee. The dis...

posted on Sat Apr 4 03:47 PM
hey billy ray

hi billy cant wait to get your cd im a big fan your the best

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