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[The Bridge]
[Justin Zeltzer // 100% Sydney Music]
[Monday 8-9pm]

Guest programming Mondays!

It's like Rage without the nauseating camerawork!

15 November 2010

Love Like A Knife - Failed Novelist
Getting Closer - Jugu
What Do I Do - Lanie Lane
Catch Afire - Mojo Juju and The Snake Merchants
This Romantic Day - Mark Moldre
I Will - Richard In Your Mind
Cheer Up, Charlie - The Holy Soul
Witness - Day Of The Meerkat
Slide - Here Knows When
Toad - Rockets
Hey Girl - Bridezilla
Infinite Journey - Chris Wright
Paris - Firekites

8 November 2010 (guest: Purdy)

I Hear Voices… Voices - Purdy
TomiJandalian - Purdy
Five O'Clock - Tooth
3 Friends To The Stars - Purdy
Little William - Big Smoky
Eschatol - Domeyko / Gonzalez
Johnathan Richmond - The Little Lovers
3 Mark - Ghoul

1 November 2010 (Guests: Pirate)

Animals Cannibals - Pirate
The Butcher Of Bessarabia - Crooked Fiddle Band
Always On Your Person - Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes
Timeless - PVT
Etu Gela - Dereb The Ambassador
Anastasia Won't You Sleep With Me - super FLORENCE jam
Witch Hunt - Iron Bar Hotel
Am I weird - Slimey Things
Kitty Loves Candy - New Archetypes
Who Will Save The Boy - Slimey Things
In The Balance - Pirate

25 October 2010 (guests: '78 Saab)

Shy Guy - Sheba Williams
Avarice - 78 Saab
The Rolling Stones - Cloud Control
Hefner's Kids - Hoolahan
Black Narcissus - Peabody
Made Of Stone - Matt Corby
No More - The Jewel And The Falcon
All At Sea - 78 Saab
Like I never Was At All - Juan Alban
Fiery Furnaces - Bearhug
Holy Chord - Dappled Cities

18 October 2010 (guests: The Break and Dog Trumpet)

Massacres The Break
Something Good Must Come Knievel
Shadowland Youth Group
Catcher In The Rye Cabins
She's So Fine Easy Beats
Invisible Eyelids Dog Trumpet
Aloha Steve & Danno Radio Birdman
Pretty Pictures Damien Lovelock
Baby Elephant Walk Midnight Oil

11 October 2010 (guests: The Falls)

Track - Artist
Nothing In The Water - Cloud Control
Girl That I Love (LIVE!) - Falls
Hot Kisses Cold Tiles - Fergus Brown
The Caller - John Vella
Miss Little - The Overflow
Blind - Magnetic Heads
Deep Sea Arcade - Don't Be Sorry
Tonight - Wons Phreely
Sunday Song - The Velvet Fog
Mexican Mavis - Boy and Bear
Little While - Georgia Fair
Please (LIVE!) - The Falls

4 October 2010 (guests: Gay Paris)

Dedrie Fell's Dog Park Blues - Gay Paris
Hivey - egular John
Sexotron - Army Ant
Rosemary - The Snowdroppers
God Of Invention - The Watt Riot
The Last Of The Kings - Juke Baritone
My Time Again - Rumjacks
Dead Yellow Moon - Mother And Son
Jennifer's Enemy - Betty Airs
Bear - The tuckerbees
One Night Only - Hell City Glamours
My first wife? She was a fox queen! - Gay Paris

27 September 2010 (guest host: Sally Knight!)

You Used to smile, Now all You do is Scream… - SLEEP IN
The Phillip, The Hawk - THE RAPIDS
Electric Wind - ELIZABETH ROSE
Veronique - LES ANNEES
Trigger Finger - YOU AM I
Sea Creatures - EYE TO EYE
Twirlgig - DANIMLAS
The Boat Song - SET SAIL
This Day Forward - THE GLIMMER
Angels & Outlaws - BAND OF THE FREE
Your Thing - URTHBOY
Turn on your mind - THE LAURELS
Butterfly Bones - DARREN HANLON

20 September 2010 (summer jams!)

Sun Machine - Kingtide
Summertime boogie(Do The) - Richard In Your Mind
All Summer Long - Horrorshow
Beaches - Bridezilla
Indian Summer Anniversary - The Holidays
Lost Summer - The Chats
Christmas In Summer - Ya Aha
Sumatime - SPOD
Hate Summer In Sydney - Strangers
Origami Sun - Bearhug
Summer Salt - Ollo
My Sun - Seekae
Yukio - Big Smoky

13 September 2010 (Guests: Tin Sparrow)

Fool's Gold Tin Sparrow
Set Sail Idea Idea
Pairs Made In Japan
Victim Zeahorse
Sleepwalker feat. PJWolf Karoshi
Fingers For Eyes Happy Music Radio Hour
Swingsets We Say Bamboulee
Eloise Royal Headache
It's Just The End Of The World Green Mohair Suits
The Boat (LIVE!) Tin Sparrow
Beat The Twilight Decoder Ring
Candelabra Richard In Your Mind

6 September 2010 (Guest: Paul Macadam)

Gone Missing (remix) - Karoshi
Nice To See Her Smile - Paul Macadam
Fresh Air - Art Rush
Song For A Ghost - Ruby For Lucy
Hieronymous - Clouds
I Make Hamburgers - The Whitlams
Death Cloud - Cloud Control
Not For Long (LIVE) - Paul Macadam
Pulse= - The Mess Hall
Peach - Dappled Cities

30 August (guests: The Magnetic Heads)

What Is It - Magnetic Heads
Gate Track - Convaire
Beast Of Love - Cloud Control
The Only One - Dolly Rocker Movement
OOOO - Fishing
Wooden Ships - Dappled Cities
Rabbit - The Maple Trail
Come To The Village - Belles Will Ring
Crimson Swan - PVT

23 August (guests: Cap Kick and the Awes)

Laughing On The Inside - Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes
Am I Weird? - Slimy Things
Phallicus Metallicus - Pirate
Artificial Horizon - Pivot
Absolute Zero - Birds Robe Collective
That Ole Chestnut - Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes
First Base - Convaire
Ice Cream - Soft Tigers
Nice To See Her Smile - Paul Macadam
All These Things - Darren Hanlon

16 August (adam farrow-palmer fillin' in - thanks Adam!)

Jailbird - Lazy Susan
Go Dj (Milo Firewater Remix) - Jammin
Far Far Land (Feat. Spikey Tee) - Ritual
The Overflow - Miss Little
Dead Nationale - Parades
It Makes Me Sick - The Joysticks
I Don't Want to Party (Party) - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Memento - Sailmaker
Come to the Village - Belles Will Ring
Hydromajestik - Wicked Beat Soundsytem
Now Lately (Rephrase Remix) - All Good Funk Alliance
You Got to My Head - Dick & Christa Hughes
Moved On - Jess Locke
Cats! - SPOD

9 August 2010 (guests: idea idea)

Set Sail - idea idea
Bad Motherfucker - Jamie Lloyd
Left Field Bass Culture - Monk Fly
Art School Girl - The Laurels
Killer - Brackets
The Overflow - Miss Little
The Drug - Maple Trail
Cocaine Blues - Billy Robinson
Trifecta - Johnny Faith
Feels So Good - Ray Mann Three
Let Us Out - idea idea
Big Eyed Kids - The E.L.F

2 August 2010

Stars To Your Feet - Pluto Jonze
Mirror Mirror - Peabody
Marine - CODA
Your Owl - Art Rush
OOOO - Fishing
The Show - The Tongue
If Ya Gon Lie - Alphamama
Peter Pan - Jinja Safari
Falling Rain Blues - Spike Flynn
3 Friends To The Stars - Purdy
Pixiphony - kyu
Epsilon - Pivot

26 July 2010 (Guests: Rex Havoc & Leyne Elbourne)

Serio - Lost Valentinos
Radio - The Kandy Apples
Stumbling - David Sattout
Valley Song - Ernest Ellis
Delilah - The Walk On By
Every Little Thing - Crow
Priest Of The Bovine - Ungus Ungus Ungus
Singer-Songwriter - Sally Hackett
The Show - The Tongue
Break The Rules (P-Money remix) - KillaQueenz
Golden Web - Howling Bells

19 July 2010 (Guests: The Aerial Maps)

The Aerial Maps - Be home Before the street lights go on
Midnight Oil - Koala Sprint
Laughing Clowns - Collapse Board
The Hummingbirds - Alimony
Bridezilla - Western Front
Decoder Ring - Welcome Shoppers
Jimmy Little - Quasimodo's Dream
Smudge - Ingrown
The Aerial Maps - On The Punt

12 July 2010 (Guests: We Are Volcanoes)

Is This Pompeii - We Are Volcanoes
In The Blood - Pivot
Corn Cob Dub / Jakob - Ghoul
Wool (feat. Ivan Vizintin) - Seekae
Girl (You Chew My Mind Up) - The Presets
Ones who Fly Twos Who Die - Jonathan Boulet
Dead Nationale - Parades
I'm Gonna Kill You - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Compassion is Crueller than Coke - Thunderclapper
You Dance, and Your dance - Lessons In Time
Fist for a hand (LIVE!!) - We Are Volcanoes
On The Punt - The Aerial Maps

5 July 2010 (Guests: Lazy Susan)

Easy Targets - Lazy Susan
Surprise - Royal Headache
Split The Difference - Adrian Deutsch
Every Moves - Died Pretty
Only The Strong - Midnight Oil
Changes - Van She
Wouldn't Be Surprised - Laura Imbruglia
New York - The Maple Trail
Plans - You Am I
Bad Hands (LIVE!) - Lazy Susan
You Need A Friend - The Sunnyboys

28 June

What You Want - The Storm Set
Aeroplanes - We Are Volcanos
Away on Business - Chase The Sun
Gone Without Feeling - The Black Ryder
Flight From Damascus (wheelie bin party remix) - Crooked Fiddle Band
Move It Up - Thundamentals
Joyride - Ozi Batla
Springsperiod - .love.massacre
Braintooth - Megastick Fanfare
Find Me A Way Back Into Your Heart - Lazy Susan
Cobblestones - David Lane
Piper - Papa vs Pretty
Going To The Casion (Tomorrow Night) - Philadelphia Grand Jury

21 June (Guests: Yae! Tiger)

Medicine - Wifey
Love Aboard The Belafonte - Telafonica
Lichtenstein Zoo (LIVE!) - Yae! Tiger
Millionaire Adventurer Balloonist - The Titanics
Chance Meeting - Knievel
Step Panther - Superpowerz
Went Growth Stairs - Athol
Out There - Drop City
Jonathan Richmond - Little Lovers
Smile - 78 Saab
Supld - Long Island Sound
Sleepworking - Yae! Tiger

14 June (Guests: Cabins)

Cacther In The Rye - Cabins
Could Be Bad - The Scare
My Villain - The Mess Hall
August - Catcall
Beaches - Bridezilla
Red Version - Ghostwood
Something To Believe In - Songs
4Eva - The Vines
Down Below - Cruel Sea
O Soundtrack My Heart (Seekae remix) - PVT
Turn On Your Mind - The Laurels

7 June (Guests: Ruby for Lucy)

Song for a ghost - Ruby For Lucy
Feel Like Waking - Sam Buckingham
Enough For Now - Amy Vee
Head of a hawk - Bluejuice
Rabbit Sonog - Boy & Bear
A to Z - Darren Hanlon
Aerial Maps - Aerial Maps
Puddles & Mud - Agnes Kain
Monkey with a Drum - Josh Pyke
Senitimental Porcelain - Ruby For Lucy
Wheel Of Fortune - Renny Field

31st May

Is It The Devil In You - Loopsnake
Integrity - Ozi Batla
The Bizness - KillaQueens
The Confession - Anthony Partos
Blue Mountain - Transat
Miniature Alas - Dappled Cities
Past Lives - Parades
Waiting Here No More - The Preachers
See You Hurry (live) - Wim
She Can't Say No - The Scare
Counting Sheep - Sarah Blasko

24 May 2010 (Guests: Agnes Kain)

A Great Idea - Agnes Kain
Mad Love - Belles Will Ring
Heat - Sui Zhen
Jack - Spdfgh
Into Your Arms - Love Positions
Impractical Joke - Smudge
Blackhole Blues - Jack Ladder
Wonderland - Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers
Oh, is it the way you pictured it, now you're here - Ruby For Lucy
Ghosts At The Crossroads - Crow
Like Sires - Agnes Kain
Loveless - Ernest Ellis

17 May 2010 (Guests: Day of the Meerkat)

Cocktails - Day Of The Meerkat
Dishwasher Blue - The Pink Fits
Doubletank - Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes
Boat Is Rocking - Richard In Your Mind
Like This One - Brian Campeau
Rain In The Morning - Crooked Fiddle Band
I don’t care about you - The Unheard
******'s boogie - Bunt
Ding Dong Dang - Psychonanny and the Babyshakers
History Doesn't Happen Like It Used To - Day Of The Meerkat

10 May 2010 (Guest: The 20th Project)

The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte - Telafonica
The Lord's Supper - Fishheads of Fun
To Some Extent - Community Musk
Muddle - Bagley
Those Plastic Street Signs - Lessons In Time
Magna - Merankorii
But I Lose Myself - Telafonica
I'll Make A Fuss Over You - Baron Von Winchester III
Lately It's Been Hard - The Desks
Something - Brave Radar
Making Plans - Commas And Dots
Full Metal - 44Hertz
Insert Silence - Fronteirs In Photography
Other Scientists - The Desks

3 May 2010 (guests: The Crooked Fiddle Band)

The Rom Rebellion - Crooked Fiddle Band
Rica Nica - Lolo Lovina
Proboner - Godswounds
History Doesn't Happen Like It Used To - Day Of The Meerkat
Corvus - Squat Club
Shoot To The Moon - The Lurkers
Mountain Song - Leroy Lee
All Of This - Emma Davis
Always On Your Person - Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes
Angelique - The Crooked Fiddle Band

19 April 2010 (Guests: Brackets)

Killer - Brackets
Alter Ego - Hermitude
Call To Arms - Harmonic 313
Make Me Love You - Pivot
Giving Your Love Away (MoR remix) - The Bakery
Lef Field Bass Culture - Monk Fly
Diamond - Wim
Ghost In Suede - Svelt
Black Arm Band - Hobo Bordeaux
The Plant - Brackets

12 April 2010 (Guests: Virgo Rising)

Upon A Kiss - Virgo Rising
To Never Know You - The Black Ryder
Wandering Star - The Laurels
Skeletor - Warhorse
Pressure Sway - Machinations
To Look At You - INXS
Under The Milky Way - The Church
Landing - Prop
Another Tricks - Circle Pit
In The Shade - Virgo Rising

5 April 2010 (Guests: Anthony Jenkins)

Banzai Fogey - Anthony Jenkins
Friday on My Mind - Easybeats
Midnight Man - Flash and the Pan
Get Your Dick Out - Pam and Sarafini
Robot Disco Rock - Bagraiders
Clamp Moistener - Anthony Jenkins
Caviar - Fart Galaxy
Figs and Mangoes - Anthony Jenkins
Da Speech - James Morisson and Simon Stockhausen
Australiana - Austen Tayshus
Sex Right Now - Steve Corbet
You Need A Friend - Sunny Boys

29 Mar 2010

The Village Calling - Regal
I'm Spent - The Holy Soul
Flower Weilding Robot - Brackets
Artificial Horizon - Pivot
Lost Greyhound - Girl Is The New Boy
Left Out Alone - Mo Trowell and the Delivery
Beaches - Bridezilla
Dreams Become Sunsets - Mammalian
Head Of A Hawk - Bluejuice
Past Lives - Parades
Love And War - Andy Clockwise
Pocket Passage - Golden Fangs
The 'Bulgarian' Radio Edit - Pablo Calamari

22 Mar 2010 (Guest: Master Of Ribongia)

I've Never Been To Timbuctu - Master Of Ribongia
I squee you squee we squee for an ice squee - A smile for Tibuctu
Birthday Funk - Monk Fly
Killer - Brackets
Set Sail - Idea Idea
Butcher of Bessarabia (MoR remix) - Crooked Fiddle Band
Giving Your Love Away - The Bakery
Fools Will Dance - Entropic
On The Run - Donne
Untitled - Alcohotlicks
Billy Jean (MoR remix) - Michael Jackson

15 Mar 2010 (Guests: Big Smoky)

Yukio - Big Smoky
Sunny In Splodges - Kyu
Brain Tooth - Megastick Fanfare
The Coldest Heart - Belles Will Ring
The Last Night Of Not Knowing You - Darren Hanlon
Pace Ourselves - Cuthbert And The Nightwalkers
Gold Canary - Cloud Control
Hey Sister Keep It Goin On - Sister Jane
Top Of The World - Winter People
Julia (LIVE!) - Big Smoky
M-O-O-N - Ghoul
Wool - Seekae

8 Mar 2010 (Guest: Renny Field)

The Birds - Renny Field
In Our Circles - Guineafowl
Feel like walking - Sam Buckingham
Coney Island - Kent Eastwood
Dear John Letter - Peregrine
Hook Me Up - The Ray Mann Three
Bobi Lee - Elana Stone
Benjamin - The Best Believes
Heat Shaped Space - Amy Vee
Sarah - Renny Field

1 Mar 2010 (Guests: Telafonica)

I Can't Make You Love Me - Telafonica
Liv - Master Of Ribongia
Sleepwalker - Karoshi
Wait One More Week - Lessons In Time
Exodus (Telafonica) - Parades
Each Time You Smile - Sounds Like Sunset
Death Cloud - Cloud Control
God In A Dustbin - Falling Joys
I can hear there's a peace in the dark - Telafonica
Crossfires - Renny Field

22nd Feb 2010

Yukio - Big Smoky
Mexican Mavis - Boy And Bear
First Base - Convaire
Gold Canary (Danimals remix) - Cloud Control
O! For a garden - Dorothy of the Day
1989 - Little Lovers
Past Lives - Parades
She Cant Say No - The Scare
Birthday Funk - Monk Fly
The Feeling - Dub Dentist
Feeling Good - The Tongue
Done It Again - Space Invaders
Vulture Culture - Flying Foxes
Sugar - Kids At Risk
Wayside - Canvas Kites

4th January

Ride - Fait Accompli
Holy Chord - Dappled Cities
Piper - Papa VS Prettt
Void - Seekae
Slychain - Hermitude
Guns Can Kill - The Bungalows
Hunted - Parades
Young And In Love - M. Craft
Mercy Arms - Half Right
Wayside - Canvas Kites
Put It To Your Head - Horrorshow
Notice - Peach

7th December (guests: The Bakery)

Balls - The Bakery
John - Wim
Reinventing Myself - Brian Campeau
Rollercoaster - Extended Family
Treasure - Svelt
Emily - Yen
Lawn Bowls and Linda Rondstat - Underlapper
Nat's Rant - Squid
It's A Nice Day - Rosie
Giving Your Love Away (LIVE!) - Bakery
We Are The Colors - The Colors Tribute Band

30th November (guests: Rapids)

Get Better Than That - Rapids
As He Walks - The Scare
Electric Youth - Hot Little Hands
I Can Cook - Grafton Primary
Ready To Roll - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Safe In Silence - Former Child Stars
Ghoul - Seekae
Oxford Décor - Made In Japan
Gamble For It - Rapids
Fourth And Fine - Bridezilla
I Aint Telling The Truth - Bluejuice
Cmon - Red Riders

23rd November(guest: Stephanie Says)

Track - Artist
Ride Now - Stephanie Says
Sweet Come Down - The Black Ryder
Drug Induced Delirium - The Cannanes
Ok Corral - Atrocities
Indigo Shire - Sister Jane
The Onlt One - Dolly Rocker Movement
Art School Girl - The Laurels
Every body Left - Circle Pit
T-T Time - The Paper Scissors
Haunting Me - Stephanie Says
Lazy Greys - The Morning After Girls

16th November (guest: Anna Chase)

Eli - Anna Chase
Corn Cob Dub Jacob - Ghoul
Deferred Happiness Syndrome - Cleptocleptics
Sunny In Splodges - Kyu
IDHA Part two - Lankan Sanquin
Mad Love - Belles Will Ring
Gold Canary - Cloud Control
Wandering Star - The Laurels
Townsville - The Necks
The Village Calling - Regal
I'm Spent - The Holy Soul

9th November (guest: Andy Golledge)

Artist - Track
3 Friends to the stars - Purdy
All This Money Spent For Nothin' (LIVE) - Andy Golledge
Paradise - Le Kingste
Blue Mountin - Handasyd Williams
My Own Horse - Sam Buckingham
Union Boy - Sydney City Trash
Animals - Sparkadia
Crossfire - Renny Field
16 Years to Life - Glide
Diamond - Wim
The day I had to choose between rugby union and rugby league - Andy Golledge
Wait Until December - Skullsquadron

2nd November (guests: Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes)

Nothing More Important - Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes
Granddaddy Longlegs - Pirate
The Rom Rebeliion - Crooked Fiddle Band
History Doesn't Happen Like It Used To - Day Of The Meerkat
Don't Shoot My Merc - Deaf Hedge
Binary - Squid
Untitled - Distant Fence
No Time Super - Florence Jam
Doubletank - Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes

26th October (guests: The Spirits)

Compulsion - The Spirits
Story Bout A Rumour - Decorated Generals
Death To The Apple Gerls - Gerling
Kilby - Mercy Arms
Under The Milky Way - The Church
Friday on My Mind - Easybeats
Hurt Me - The Jezabels
Astronaut - Le Kingste
Vision Bell - Dappled Cities
Fool In Rain - Pivot

19th October (guests: Boy and Bear)

Mexican Mavis - Boy And Bear
Angel Chimes - Dion Jones
Park Benches - Belles Will Ring
Going to the Casino - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Purple Berries - Joysticks
Buffalo Country - Cloud Control
She Went And Joined A Cult - Caxton
Mountains, Lakes - Bearhug
Time & Place - Green Mohair Suits
Live Jams - Boy And Bear (**LIVE)
Miss Bliss - Coda

12th October (guest: Daisy M Tulley)

Empty Shell - Daisy M Tulley
Nowhere To Go - Camilla Hill
Picture Window - Jack Colwell and the Owls
Wandering Star - The Laurels
Grass - Black Ryder
A Fox and the prayer - Casual End Mile
Seeing It Now - Marf Loth
Feel a change Comin - Sister Jane
Lone Soldago - Los Sundowners
There Will Be Sadness (live) - Daisy M Tulley
The Villain - The Mess Hall

5th October (guest: Jess Chalker)


Diamond - Wim
The Aeroplane Song - Jess Chalker
Guilty Feet - Elana Stone
Zodiac - Damien Robison
Sleight of Hand - Hey Big Aki
St Josephine - Breakfast At Panda
Young Man - Andy Bull
Not Worth Waiting For - Jack Ladder
Then Came The Sun - Brian Campeau
Chickpea - Dr Minh
Said The Raindrop To The Seed (live) - Jess Chalker
Marine - CODA

28th September (guests: Domeyko/Gonzalez)
Contact: domeyko.gonzalez@gmail.com

By Compass - I like Cats
Hot Wallop - Fuji Collective
Improvisation 1 (LIVE) - Domeyko/Gonzalez
Always on your person - Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes
Begone Slumber - Danimals
Bowel Movement - Kieran J Callinan
United - Dead China Doll
Improvisation 2 (LIVE) - Domeyko/Gonzalez
M-O-O-N - Ghoul

21st September (guests: Paper Moon)

The age of Unreason - Paper Moon
We're wolves - Mother & Son
Swimming Pool (Ghoul remix) - Seekae
Hey Kid - Red Riders
Cities - Lumiere
Cartoon Cannonball - Bearhug
They've got your number - Paper Moon
The Madness - Blue Juice
Sunny in Splodges - Kyu
Cream - Dappled Cities

14th September (guests: The Statics)

Oregan - The Statics
City Sighs - Hey big Aaki
Electric Wind - Eliabeth Rose
Movie Song - Carpet Diem
The Green Sun - Richard In Your Mind
Episode II - The Small Hours
City Of Painless Childbirth - The Ghosts Of Television
Exile on Australia Street - Sweet Amphetamines
A Little Monk - Our Monk
Going Up - We Say Bamboulee
Ouch My Head - Shady Lane
Ray Gun (live) - The Statics
Settled For Less - Tom Smith

7th September (guests: Kyü)

Sunny In Splodges - Kyü
Little William - Big Smoky
Now Translate - Tin Can Clam
Newtown (la la la) - Cuthbert and The Nightwalkers
1959 - We Say Bamboulee
Void - Seekae
Pixiphony - Kyü
13 Stingrays - Richard In Your Mind
Cheer Chowdown - Stereo Zygmunt
Cyathia Amintae (live) - Kyü
Good fire - Megastick Fanfare

31st August (guests: Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers)

Pace Ourselves - Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers
Sunny In Splodges - Kyu
Then Came The Sun - Brian Campeau
Musings Heartthrob - Megastick Fanfare
Untitled - The desks
The Barber's Son - Jack Ladder
Havin A Party - Little Lovers
Etcetera - Betamax
Jonathan Richmond - Little Lovers
Walk to work (LIVE!!) - Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers
PS I Love You - Richard In Your Mind

24th August (Guests: Dead Letter Chorus)

The Peaceful Sleep Of Death - Dead Letter Chorus
Galileo - Shady Lane
New York - The Maple Trail
Removing - Brendan Maclean
Miniature Alas - Dappled Cities
White Clothes - The Curse Of Company
Disco Bisuit Love - The Jezabels
How Much Is Enough - You Am I
Magnolia Farm (live) - Dead Letter Chorus
Shadow Land - Youth Group

17th August (Guests: astreetlightsong)

Remind Me - astreetlightsong
Bitter Tears - The Venecians
Autumn Shade 3 - The Vines
Sister sister - Regular John
Alone Again - Teenager
Lack of cinema - Helter
Hot Computer - Gerling
Fun Punch - Bag Radiers
Need You Tonight - INXS
Too Much To Do - Sparkadia
Little Mirrors (live) - atreetlightsong
Down In Your Valley - Dead Letter Chorus

10th August (Guests: Bearhug)

Snow Leopard - Bearhug
Serbian - Ghoul
Unreleased - Danimals
June's Stranglets - Megastick Fanfare
Not Worth Waiting For - Jack Ladder
Snax - Seekae
Renegades - Belles Will Ring
Death Cloud - Cloud Control
Sunny In Splodges - Kyu
Irony Is For Psychopaths - Cleptoclectics
Origami Sun (live) - Bearhug
Little Mirrors - astreetlightsong

3rd August (Guests: Seekae)

O Soundtrack My Heart (Seekae Remix) - Pivot
June Strangelets (Seekae Remix) - Megastick Fanfare
Call To Arms - Harmonic 313
Reminisce - Plutonic Lab
The Devil Bends - The Dead Sea
The Loon - Ghoul
Hornets Nest - Danimals
Demo II - Karoshi
One on Four - Ohana
Dudley - Seekae
Cartoon Cannibal - Bearhug

27th July 2009 (Guests: Wim)

John - Wim
Crouched End - Deep Sea Arcade
George Clooney - I Like Cats
All I Want - Sarah Blasko
Brown Paper Bag - Bridezilla
Swamp - Old Men Of Moss Mountain
The Price - Dappled Cities
My Town - Winter People (band's choice I promise)
Wim - Diamond (LIVE)
Yurai - Seekae

20th July 2009 (Guests: Chambers)

Anniversary - Chambers
Under The Milky Way - The Church
Reptilia - Fourplay
The Protectors - All Systems Go
Bad Blood - Ernest Ellis
Drown In Colour - Red Riders
Grass - The Black Ryder
When The Ship Goes Down - The Holidays
No Mone - The Scare
Bone Dance - Chambers
Death of a Shamen **(live in studio)** - Chambers
Diamond - Wim

13th July 2009 (Guests: Chevaliers)

Mary - Chevaliers
Penrith Chicks - Art Rush
Cold Hnads - Under Lights
Fourth And Fine - Bridezilla
Vacation - Canvas Kites
Kids - Sherlock's Daughter
Red Version - Ghostwood
The List - Nevada Strange
Anniversary - Chambers
Diamonds - Newshawks
Howl (rough mix) - Chevaliiers

6th July 2009 (Guests: The Deer Republic)

I should've known - The Deer Republic
O Soundtrack - Pivot
A community Service Announcement - Jonathan Boulet
My Generation - Andy Clockwise
Don't Go Now - Ratcat
Black Eyes - Amy Meredith
Broken Leg - Bluejuice
Falling Down - Deer Republic
Going To The Casino - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Fast Cars - The Deer Republic
When The Ship Goes Down - The Holidays

29th June 2009 (Guest: The Jezabels)

Electric Lover - The Jezabels
I Touch Myself - Divinyls
I Hate You, Doctor Owl - Yeah Bears
Up In The Air - Sparkadia
Molly Rolls - Sui Zhen
Fire, fire, fire - Dappled Cities
For a moment we're strangers - The Church
Galileo - Shady Lane
Unmarked Helicopters - The Jezabels
Light Beam - The Spirits
Redneck Wonderland - Midnight Oil

22nd June 2009 (Guest: Art Rush)

Penrith Chicks - Art Rush
I Spin Bland Beats - Art Rush
Daytona Halal - how are you?
Walking In The Rain - Flash And The Pan
Crazy Noise Rock (version 2) - MC Survey
Mary - Chevaliers
Break up in a food court - Art Rush (feat Cherry Piccles)
Wim - Diamond
Running Home In The Dark - Sarah Jennifer
Na Nah - Sarah Jennifer
All I want - Sarah Blasko

15 June 2009 (Guests: Dolly Rocker Movement)
Hosted by Blake Thompson

memory lane - dolly rocker movement
coffin love - dolly rocker movement
wintertime in hollywood - the lovetones
one day - the unheard
skeletor - warhorse
glory to thee - dolly rocker movement (Live)
just turn on - intercontinental playboys
priest coats - belles will ring
down with you - dolly rocker movement (Live)
panic - regular john

8 June 2009 (Guests: Richard in your Mind)

Boat Is Rocking - Richard In Your Mind
Candalabra - Richard In Your Mind
Coldest Heart - Belles Will Ring
League Of German - Dappled Cities
Into The Line - Cloud Control
Strangest Places (Jordy Lane remix) - Des Miller
Fashion - Electro Warriors
Bette Midler - Spod
Jungle - Tucker B's
Satan Is Real As a Rainbow - Richard In Your Mind
Absolute Truth - Shady Lane
Journeyman - The Lovetones

1 June 2009 Guest: (Ben Fletcher from the Devoted Few)

Trigger Fingers - The Devoted Few
Tom Said - The Devoted Few
Maximum Sincere - Big Heavy Stuff
Light - Crow
Half Right - Mercy Arms
The Dearhunters - Mr Katherine
Don't Explain - Knievel
Cops - 78 Saab
Frosty Furnaces (LIVE!) - The Devoted Few
Safekeeper - Centipede
Skeleton Jar - Youth Group

25th May 2009 (guest: Lanie Lane)

Legs - Lanie Lane
Betty Baby (live in studio) - Lanie Lane
Pirate Song - Elana Stone
Rom Rebellion - The Crooked Fiddle Band
Ya Said Ya Loved Me - Juke Baritone
White Owl - Bertie Blackman
When Girls Don't Call - Master Of Ribongia
Pepper Spray - Mor Me
I'm A Sister - The Protectors
Jungle Man (live in studio) - Lanie Lane
The Birds - Renny Field

18th May (guests: Spectacles)


Higher Places - Spectacles
Silent Song - Spectacles
Too Wicked For Life - Four Chords
Sunshine - Old Man River
Bon Marche - Guzman y gomez
Too Much To Do - the Spark
Midnight at Band Camp - Bluejuice
Someone else's dream - Youth Group
O Soundtrack My Heart - Pivot
Demo - Parades
Ghost Town - Spectacles **LIVE!!
Road To Recovery - Midnight Juggernauts

11th May (Guests: We Say Bamboulee)

Funeral Social - We Say Bamboulee
Unwelcome Copacobana Holiday - We Say Bamboulee
Strange Places - Des Miller
M-O-O-N - Ghoul
Space Unicorn (live BJB) - The Statics
Crooks - Seekae
Reputation - Green Mohair Suits
Ouch My Head - Shady Lane
Continue calling - Jonathan Boulet
Party punch (live) - We Say Bamboulee
Nightshift in blue - Danimals

4th May (Guest: Patience from the Grates)

You've Got A lot Of Nerve - Red Riders
Light Shadows - Made In Japan
Newtown (la la la) - Cuthbert & The Nightwalkers
Vampires In Transit - Cameras
The Lighthouse - astreetlightsong
Phantom Boogie - Bluejuice
On & On - Mercy Arms
Road To Recovery - Midnight Juggernauts
Cult Romance - Tom Ugly
Makin' Party!!! - Spod
The Zommunist Party - Regular John
Storms and Fevers - The Grates

27th April (Guests: Lost Valentinos)

Serio - Lost Valentinos
Erlend - Ted & Francis
Negativee Thinking - The Death Set
Fight in the Nocturnal House - No Art
Midnights - Lost Valentinos
Reprise - Sherlock's Daughter
Gimme Head (Knife machine remix) - The radiators
For the foxes - Jono Ma vs Chris Colonna
Serio (Midnight mix) - Lost Valentinos
Kieran Quits - Fashion launches rocket launches

20th April (Guests: House Of Orange)

Dandelion - House Of Orange
Post Card - Lucy Hall
New Life - Elana Stone
The Girl In The Store - King Curly
With You - Lucy Hall
Ballad - Papa vs Pretty
A Sound For Two - The Dolly Rocker Movement
Vitriol - Bluejuice
Caesar's March (Live) - House Of Orange
Another Restless Soul - House Of Orange

13th April (Guest: Giselle Rosselli)

Yesterday's Mind - Giselle Rosselli
Big And Small - Sui Zhen
Treehouse - Giselle Rosselli (LIVE!)
Vintage Books - Cloud Control
Same Suburb, Different Park - Firekites
Void - Seekae
On The Roof Of The World - Purdy
It's A Nice Afternoon To Be Stuck In Traffic with You - Yae!Tiger
Life Vest - Giselle Rosselli
Monsters In My Head - Giselle Rosselli (LIVE!)
Money - Bird Automatic

6th April (Guests: Claudia Santagelo from High & Dry festival and the Phonies)

The Last Of The Kings - Duke Baritone
Drug Dealer - The Phones
Bar Chutzpah - Unkle Ho
Workit Out (feat Lanie Lane) - Master Of Ribongia
The Coming Summer - Monk Fly
Slychain - Hermitude
Alternative Energy (feat Ozi Batla) - Combat Wombat
Suckem - Rumpunch
Irony is for Psychopaths - Cleptocleptics
Scallops - The Herd

30th March (Guests: super FLORENCE jam)

A Spanish Doctor - Super Florence Jam
All You Got - Super Florence Jam
Telephone - Cuthbert and The Nightwalkers
Bitch Whipped - Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families
The Decadent Deckhand - Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes
Twilight - Melladora
Going To The Casino - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Rocking Horse - Coda
Killing Me From The Ground Up - Heroin Jones
Montecore - Pivot
The Circle Above - Super Florence Jam

23rd March (Guests: I Like Cats)

Milk With My Tea - Wim
George Clooney - I Like Cats
Bankers' Lament - I Like Cats
O Soundtrack My Heart - Pivot
Les Enfants Marx et Coca-Cola - Ohana
Nerd Rapper - Old Men Of Moss Mountain
Unkown Track - Zahir
My Town - Winter People
Last Time You Were - A King's Dying Request

16th March (Guest: Too Many Forcefields)

Early Bird - Too many Forcefields
When The Gizmo's on the Fritz - Richard In Your Mind
Yurai - Seekae
Lawn Bowls and Linda Rondstatd - Underlapper
Bones - Too Many Forcefields
The Rumpunch Tango - Rumpunch
Last Night On Earth - Too Many Forcefields
44 Gallons - Hermitude
***LIVE Life On A Shoestring - Too Many Forcefields
Hyroglyph Heart - Gauche

9th March (Guest: Jesse Donald)

Saturday House - Jesse Donald
**LIVE: Untitled - Jesse Donald**
Being Followed - Rocket Science
The Light Ride - The Dolly Rocker Movement
Feel A Change Comin - The Sister Jane
Sun Wax - Paneye
Childhood Friends - Jesse Donald
**Live: Jesus Don't Love You - Jesse Donald**
You Sound Like Louis Burdett - The Whitlams
Highly Evolved - The Vines
Let's Be Kids - Howling Bells

2nd March (Guest: Shady Lane)

Ouch My Head - Shady Lane
Absolute Truth - Shady Lane
Death Cloud - Cloud Control
Skeleton Jar - Youth Group
Ghost Patrol - Gerling
4LB - Seekae
Space Unicorn - The Statics
Everytime You Smile - Sounds Like Sunset
Strange Places (Shady Lane remix) - Des Miller
Sundial - Tumbleweed
**LIVE: Shady Lane's cover of theredsunband's track 'Got No Money'**
Galileo - Shady Lane