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2010. 11. 22 ( Mon )
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TVXQ Fan Club Files for Compensation for Cancelled Concert
The TVXQ fan club Dongne Bangne has announced that it will hold SM Entertainment accountable for the canceled SM Town Live Concert. In a press release the fan club said that SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s management agency, should provide explanation and public apology and return 10% of the concert ticket fee to the fans.

Dongne Bangne claimed that the agency scrapped the concert just one week before the scheduled August 9th date, although TVXQ and SM promised to go on with the concert despite the pending lawsuit filed by three members. SM Entertainment had said that the company was forced to postpone the concert, because the singers belonging to SM Entertainment cannot show solidarity when the lawsuit is still ongoing.

The fan club threatened to file a damage compensation request to the Korea Consumer Agency if SM fails to supply them with answers by September 9th. The SM Town Live Concert was supposed to open at the Olympic Stadium in southern Seoul on August 16th. The agency has claimed that the concert will be rescheduled once the lawsuit is settled between the feuding parties.
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