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From the archives

Get out of a Creative Slump

By Andrew Faulkner on June 23rd, 2008.

We’ve all been there. We’re creative people but suddenly the creative juices have stopped flowing. We want to work and output some killer material but it just isn’t coming.
(Graphic) Design
Probably the hardest part of the process if you’re lacking in creativity. The worst thing to do is to just plough …

The New Shop Window / Home Page’s That Sell

By Matt Davies on April 1st, 2008.

Is your website working for you? Is it driving your sales, is it driving your brand image - or is it simply an after thought? The ugly duckling of the family trudging along your other marketing efforts? With the web becoming so important in business these days, one of the …

25 Ways To Improve Your Site In 5 Minutes

By Andrew Faulkner on February 12th, 2008.

A while back I wrote 25 Ways To Improve Your Site Today. Many people thought it was useful. I’m trying again now with a twist. I’m offering you, dear reader, tips to improve your site in various ways - each one only taking approximately 5 minutes.

This is starting to …

Calls To Action - Click Here!

By Matt Davies on February 7th, 2008.

As we go about our online lives we are all exposed to “Calls To Action” on a day by day, and sometimes minute to minute, basis . This article examines what a Call To Action is and how you can make yours stronger than the competition.

What Is A Call To …

A way of thinking: PageRank is an SEO bi-product

By Andrew Faulkner on October 3rd, 2007.

PageRank (PR) is a word which will never disappear from the SEO/SEM arena. For some, it’s an obsession. For me, it’s one of the most pointless factors when considering an internet marketing campaign, mainly due to the following factors:

You can only see a change in PageRank on a …

Interview: Matt Davies on design process

By Andrew Faulkner on August 9th, 2007.

Matt Davies has kindly offered up his thoughts on design processes. Let’s cut straight to the juicy bits:
Matt, what’s the very first thing you do when approaching a new design?
I think of priorities. Design ultimately is about purpose and if your design doesn’t meet its purpose then ultimately the …

Buzz Marketing Myths

By Dean Hunt on July 23rd, 2007.

The Brutal Truth
Welcome to part three of my behind the scenes case study in viral/buzz marketing.

In part one I showed you the effect and power that a successful campaign can have.

In part two I showed you a step by step guide to EXACTLY how I took one random …

Buzz Marketing Exposed - A STEP BY STEP Guide

By Dean Hunt on July 13th, 2007.

Dean here again from - Welcome to part two of my buzz/viral marketing case study.Today I am going to show you a step by step guide on exactly how I got a random story onto the main page LAST WEEK.

Here is the back story: My biz partner …

25 Ways To Improve Your Site Today

By Andrew Faulkner on June 10th, 2007.

Yes, the title may look like this post should be on an amateur blog and that it will be full of references to clip art and animated gifs, but this is serious. I’ve compiled a list of what I think are 25 ways to improve your website in as little …

SEO - Should search engines matter in your campaign?

By Andrew Faulkner on May 9th, 2007.

Today, I had a small epiphany related to SEO/SEM/Internet Marketing. Whatever you call it (I’ll call it SEO from here-on in), I mean in terms of getting as high as possible in the SERPs. The theory is a little offbeat but please bear with me. I’m sure many …