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Well Designed E-commerce Websites

By Matt Davies on August 27th, 2008.

Hello Fadtastic people. Being a designer I am always being inspired by fellow creatives. Every now and again I like to “take my hat off”, (figuratively speaking), to other people work. In this post, we are showcasing 14 e-commerce websites which I think have great aesthetics. We are not just …

Get out of a Creative Slump

By Andrew Faulkner on June 23rd, 2008.

We’ve all been there. We’re creative people but suddenly the creative juices have stopped flowing. We want to work and output some killer material but it just isn’t coming.
(Graphic) Design
Probably the hardest part of the process if you’re lacking in creativity. The worst thing to do is to just plough …

Best of the tutorial sites

By Andrew Faulkner on April 24th, 2008.

A ‘does exactly what it says on the tin‘ post.

Want some tuts on how to create a glossy button? Maybe some Web2.0 menu bars? Nah. Me neither. There are a lot of tutorial sites out there, most with the same regurgitated posts out there. But I’ve come …

The New Shop Window / Home Page’s That Sell

By Matt Davies on April 1st, 2008.

Is your website working for you? Is it driving your sales, is it driving your brand image - or is it simply an after thought? The ugly duckling of the family trudging along your other marketing efforts? With the web becoming so important in business these days, one of the …

Watch the birdy!

By Andrew Faulkner on March 17th, 2008.

OK, this little niche trend is unlikely to become the next gradient or ‘wet floor’ but I thought I’d point it out all the same. I’m sure somebody somewhere will find this useful. ;-)

Whilst browsing through my recent inspiration bookmarks (I need to get a account so …

Calls To Action - Click Here!

By Matt Davies on February 7th, 2008.

As we go about our online lives we are all exposed to “Calls To Action” on a day by day, and sometimes minute to minute, basis . This article examines what a Call To Action is and how you can make yours stronger than the competition.

What Is A Call To …

Accessible can be Beautiful

By Andrew Faulkner on January 15th, 2008.

I may be preaching to the choir in this post, but one can always use it as a reference to clients or colleagues.

Accessibility is one of my favourite aspects of web design. It’s also got a lot of hangups and myths associated with it. For …

The rise of Wordpress for ‘Non-Blogs’

By Andrew Faulkner on October 31st, 2007.

And by non-blogs I mean portfolios, magazines, communities - essentially anything that doesn’t tend to come under the banner of a blog. You get the idea. I aim to showcase some of my favourite Wordpress powered sites that don’t follow the traditional layout. And following that, I’ll explore why these sites have deviated from the mean.
Straight to the juice…
I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting for some examples, would I?

Website Thumbnail

Jen Gordon’s portfolio oozes character and flair. Her Wordpress install powers the portfolio, page hierarchy and her blog.

Website Thumbnail

ComplementaryDuo mixes portfolio and blog effortlessly.

Website Thumbnail

Darren Hoyt shows off his brilliant design talent. Definitely not ‘just another Wordpress blog.’

Beautiful sites with no (or very few) images

By Andrew Faulkner on October 25th, 2007.

Catchy title, I know.

In stark contrast to my last post about intricate backgrounds, I’ve decided to examine (by example) the characteristics of sites that are aesthetically pleasing even though no (OK - maybe one or two) images have been used. In essence, this could also be a testament to …

Your Client Problems Solved: Answers (Part 1 of 3)

By Andrew Faulkner on August 7th, 2007.

Thanks to all who asked us a question on the subject of clients last week. Today, I’ve tried my best to provide a win-win situation for the most awkward of client circumstances. Feel free to chime in with your comments at the end or perhaps tell us how …

A Bite Of The Apple / Apples New Website

By Matt Davies on June 20th, 2007.

The New Website
Apple have redesigned their website and what a superb example of a good redesign it is. In this post we would like to take a little look at the new design and what has been done to move it on. Here is an example of the …

25 Ways To Improve Your Site Today

By Andrew Faulkner on June 10th, 2007.

Yes, the title may look like this post should be on an amateur blog and that it will be full of references to clip art and animated gifs, but this is serious. I’ve compiled a list of what I think are 25 ways to improve your website in as little …

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