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About is a multi-author web design trends journal.

What does that mean?

It means that we have many authors contributing to this journal. The authors here have a passion for web design and particularly web design trends - whether they be graphical, typographical or maybe standards-related. It’s all here, so why not stay a while?

Our Philosophy

fadtastic has recently implemented a ‘Play Nice’ philosophy. Authors and their opinions are treated with respect and commenters have freedom of speech here (bar those darned spammers.) As part of ‘Play Nice,’ fadtastic aims to avoid being elitist by having a level playing field and generally getting along with everyone. We’re nice, we’re friendly, we’re fadtastic.


Credit where credit’s due. In film award acceptance speech stylee, here’s who we’re thanking:

- The authors. Couldn’t do it without you. Enough said.
- The readers: No point in writing if there’s no-one reading! Seriously though, many a great debate has been started by our readers. Long may they continue.
- Joe Dizon: For designing the fabulous header (entitled “The Web Trends Parade” - an evolutionary header) you see at the top of your screen and arranging the typography in our site. A truly great eye for graphics and type.
- Matt Davies of Attitude Design: Graphic Designer based in Nottingham, for developing and producing our logo
- The folks at Senior Internet: For putting up with me yakking on about how great fadtastic is! You deserve a medal.
- Chris Moseley: For doing the plumbing (submission to flickr) for TrendWatch. What a programmer.
- WordPress and it’s community: Would be rather static here without these.

Medical Articles

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- Andrew Faulkner

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