Get those PS3 images out of my Xbox Commercial!

August 18th, 2010 at 3:15 pm · 25 Comments

I’m one of the few people out there in gaming land who doesn’t care about the difference in how one game looks over the other when released on more than one platform.  For one, having more blades of grass or two more drops of blood on the screen isn’t a big deal.  Secondly, I don’t own both consoles to even compare.  But because there are people who would rather stare at their screen for long periods of time comparing footage instead of doing productive things like working, exercising, or just playing videogames, I have a new “scandal” to bore you with!

One very loyal PS3 fanboy was fighting the useless fight one lonely Saturday night when he wrote to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK about a discrepancy he noticed on his TV.  Turns out that the Xbox 360 commercials for the game Final Fantasy XIII were actually using footage from the PS3 version (specifically the full motion videos/cutscenes), and not the platform it was being advertised on.

After trying out the games on their respective systems, it seems the little nerd was right (they sent him a cookie).  So said the ASA:

“We noted that there was a discernible difference in the picture quality of the two – the PS3 image in video sequences appeared sharper and colors were more vivid than those of the Xbox 360.”

The ASA concluded that the advertisements were not allowed to be shown again, even after realizing they wasted time on 5-month-old commercials…

Final Fantasy XIII sold over 1 million copies on its first day in Japan, then 1.3 million copies in the US in its first month of release – over 60% of all of them were on the PlayStation 3. The Xbox commercials really were effective! While Square-Enix higher-ups were relaxing in their money-filled hot tubs, the ASA were quoted as saying:

“… because we considered that the use of PS3 footage in the ad exaggerated the quality of the footage available on the Xbox 360, albeit marginally, we concluded the ad was misleading.”

Most gamers knew that Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 would be at a much lower bitrate to fit on 3 DVDs, but this incongruity in marketing was still important…. marginally.

Square-Enix admitted to the ASA that the images used were played back on the PS3 to “allow advertisers to capture the FMV footage for the advert.”  But they went on to say that they “did not believe any average viewer, or indeed avid gamer, would perceive any difference in the output unless reviewing the materially forensically.”  Square-Enix, never question the power of a lonely fanboy with nothing better to do! That type of thinking will come back to haunt you!

Although, again, the game has been out for more than 5 months now…

Even though it was careless for Square-Enix to do this, let us not take the blame away from the real villain: Microsoft!  How could Microsoft trust the makers of the game to give accurate footage for their advertisements?!  They knew, they had to know! They’re all to blame! Fire to their headquarters!

Fanboys, in case you haven’t caught on yet, that was all sarcasm.  Don’t use this as fodder for your futile campaign.

...they're still talking about this?

Honestly, this ongoing PS3 vs. Xbox 360 comparison feud I often see is silly… you’re still playing the same game!  Of course, it matters to Sony and Microsoft which you buy — it’s all about profit — but gamers should not be so picky. Enjoy your consoles and games without making a fuss.

Granted, Square-Enix is still at fault for misrepresenting the game, but does it merit console arguments?  There should always be other important factors that help people on their decisions of which version to buy (achievements vs. trophies, PSN vs. XBL, friends, etc).

We as gamers should be happy when looking at the spectrum of what we get; the quality of games today is visually stunning on all systems (I’m ignoring the Wii is a console for the sake of my argument). Just compare the original 1996 Resident Evil polygons to Sheva’s pixel boobs of 2009; you got great headway!

Truly, I rant because I care, and because I’m tired of seeing comparison wars with every new multiplatform game. Please, let’s not nitpick and just appreciate…and someone buy me a damn Xbox so I can join in on the complaining too!

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    • DarkFox001 says:

      nice article Ez! as always, hitting the nail on the fanboy head…or at least one can only dream.

      keep up the good work

    • SilverPR says:

      Yes, nice article. Even fanboys need to listen and realized that they are just ranting nonsense at times (like people on politics).

      I’m gonna be honest, I was a Sony fanboy for many years. I end being one like five years ago because of the realization of what the industry is meant for as a whole. I don’t have a Xbox, but because I don’t get to play an exclusive in one console doesn’t make me less of a gamer. I made a purchase and I enjoy what I can from that device, it’s that simple.

      • Esmeralda says:

        And that’s the way everyone should see it! Can’t have an exclusive, don’t fret and just play what is available. Multiplatform game coming out: rejoice because there’s now a choice! :)

    • trinronin says:

      Never fail to enlighten Esmeralda! Nothin like enjoying you dropping e-buzz bombz! I had a 360 Arcade, it died. Currently having “issues” with my 80GB PS3, and at the end of the…correction…. in the wee hours of the morning all my bleery eyes and stiff wrists care about is QUALITY GAMING… I don’t care about the whole vs thing, it’s just a dumb as arguing which hair band was better, Poison or Warrant…
      a pawn in the Court of The Crimson Queen Esmeralda

    • “But because there are people who would rather stare at their screen for long periods of time instead of doing productive things like working, exercising, or moving away from the couch, I have a new “scandal” to bore you with!”

      Thats the only thing I didn’t like about this article because its hypocritical. You are talking about gaming as a waste of time yet, you wasted your time writing this article, its just doesn’t make sense. Because when you come down to it, really everything in life is a waste of time. We really are all just waiting to die. What we do with are time is what defines us. Some think its better to exercise all day long, others reading, or gaming, but it really is all about what you think.

      • Esmeralda says:

        That wasn’t what I meant with that statement, I guess I didn’t make it clear enough so I can see where you misinterpreted (that part of the paragraph has been edited). What I really meant was that some people would rather stare at their screen comparing commercials on Xbox vs. PS3 footage side-by-side rather than doing something else that ’s useful, like maybe playing the actual game or moving away from the TV.

    • Joseandres says:

      What the hell man…? 42 and 38 million? Do you even know what are you talking about? Every owner of the PS3 bought a copy of FFXIII?

      • jeremy says:

        i didn’t lol i watched a lets play i don’t wanna fight all of the battles but still want to know the story…which was great! :D

      • Esmeralda says:

        I misread the original article, “Xbox currently has worldwide sales of more than 42 million (4 million in UK), compared to 38 million (3 million in UK) for the PS3.” The way it was placed in the piece made me comprehend it wrong. Apologies. But I stand by my opinion of fanboys needing to calm down, which was the point I was trying to get across :)

    • Xbot King says:

      Once again, Xbox 360 proves ultimate! Sarcasticgamer proved it! Time to jump out droids (and Nintendo Drones). 360 FTW, it only does EVERYTHING.

    • Blitzed says:

      Final Fantasy XIII sold 80 million copies?! That must be a record.
      Just in case you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic. It sold only a fraction of that and last I heard, the PS3 sold over twice the copies of the 360.

    • uxo says:

      What a douche bag article, this crap is filled with hidden agendas. Simple makes me sit to my stomach. What a bunch of BullSH!T

    • iWishTifaWasReal says:

      haha, FFXIII sold 80M copies?
      i think thats a record man
      it outsold xbox and Sony consoles xD

      • Esmeralda says:

        It’s been corrected, I misinterpreted that statement in the original article (cited within the text above). I blame fanboys, it’s the only logical explanation I got

    • Timewarp says:

      I remember reading about this on PSLS and my honest reaction was: Wow I don’t really care.

      You get the usual fanboy commenting on how MS could sink so low. What evil plot will MS devise next in their evil (yet random) plan to destroy Sony?!

    • yuntwis says:

      i dont care either how the game looks just long as they play looks gud & not on that GAYBOX LOL

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