Latest update: 06/02/2009 
- GAZA ASSAULT - Israeli-Palestinian conflict - media - warfare

Media kept at bay in Gaza
During the Gaza raids against Hamas, the Israeli army denied international media access to the conflict zone, against a decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to lift the embargo. Our correspondents Sophie Claudet and Willy Bracciano report.

This week's Reporters programme takes us back to December to Israel's offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

"Operation Cast Lead" was aimed at stopping Palestinian militants firing rockets into southern Israel.

It didn't stop the rockets but it was devastating. Over the course of three weeks, more than 1300 Palestinians died. But few international journalists were able to witness what was happening from the inside until it was nearly over.

Israel banned them from Gaza, saying it would jeopardise operations and was journalists' own safety. But while Israel tried to manage information coming out, it wasn't able to control it.

FRANCE 24's Sophie Claudet and Willy Bracciano report on Israel's attempts to control the information war.

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