Apailana, Queen

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From the Movies

When Senator Padmé Amidala was revealed to have died during the tumultuous events that saw the rise of the Galactic Empire, all of Naboo entered into a period of deep mourning. The much beloved former Queen was laid to rest on her homeworld, the subject of an enormous state funeral that filled the avenues of Theed with thousands of tearful subjects. The funeral procession included the current Queen of Naboo, the 13-year old successor to Queen Jamillia.

From the Expanded Universe

Like the elected monarchs that immediately preceded her, young Queen Apailana cherished tradition and was obstinate in the face of the sweeping changes reforming the galaxy. She greatly admired the work of her predecessors, the Queens Amidala and Jamillia, and aspired to govern as justly as they did.

Although the death of Padmé Amidala raised many questions -- such as the nature of her suddenly revealed pregnancy or the whereabouts of her droid assistants -- most on Naboo followed Apailana's example of respecting Amidala's privacy in accordance with Naboo tradition and did not call for any sort of investigation. She did privately question the official story disseminated in explanation of Padmé's death, though. According to the Empire, Amidala died at the hands of the Jedi. Apailana disagreed, and quietly held the position that any Jedi found would be considered a friend to Naboo. Those in her inner council translated that as an implicit order to harbor any Jedi fugitives, though they were careful not to turn that into any sort of decree of public record.

Apailana's refusals to the Empire were subtle at first. She kept the name Republic on many of the governing consulate offices in Theed, refusing to change their titles to reflect the new government on Coruscant. Inquisitor Malorum, one of the Emperor's key agents in this period, found Apailana's little gestures frustrating. Diplomatically, the Naboo appeared to cooperate with the Imperials in their self-governing, but somehow their cooperation remained a slippery thing. Even though the Naboo politicians seemed unfailingly polite, he could never quite get a straight answer out of anyone.

The Empire's patience could only be tested for so long. When reports reached Darth Vader that Apailana's government was sheltering fugitive Jedi, he dispatched his elite 501st troopers to bring Apailana to justice. The 501st Legion succeeded in eliminating Apailana, and Naboo's loyalty to the New Order was restored with the next monarch.

Behind the Scenes

The 13-year old Queen of Naboo in Episode III was played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, who at the time of her casting was gaining critical acclaim for her breakthrough debut role as Paikea "Pai" Apirana in Whale Rider.

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