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New specs, new members, new logo

April 15th, 2008
The SFF-SIG held their coming-out party last night, announcing their first specification efforts, some new members, and a new logo and website.In the first order of biz, they’ve now completely announced the SUMIT spec which they’ve been alluding to for a while. Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology grabs an off-the-shelf Samtec QMS/QFS connector and maps on fast signals, including x1 or x4 PCI Express, USB, a low-pin-count bus, SPI, I2C, and power and control. The connector stacks with a 0.6″ height, and it is meant to be form factor independent – for use in new stackable specs, or as an expansion interface.Then the fun starts. By an awesome coincidence, the Samtec connector is a 52-pin device. So when you take 2 Connectors, and put them on a new stackable form factor based on PCI Express, the logical name is Express104 – and that’s exactly what they’re calling their first form factor specification. Express104 measures 90×96mm, which also happens to be the classic PC/104 outline.The consortium roster has grown as well and now includes WinSystems, VIA Technologies, Octagon Systems, VersaLogic, congatec, Ampro Computer, Samtec, Tri-M Engineering, SiliconSystems, Portwell, and General Standards Corporation. A new logo is featured on the brand new SFF-SIG website.The SFF-SIG has hinted at some of their upcoming plans, and we’ll keep you posted as we can talk about those.
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