Metallica - Metal Up Your Ass

Demo, Self-released
November 29th, 1982
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The band's fourth demo. A live demo, actually. The lineup is

The recording date is November 29th, 1982, at the Old Waldorf, in San Francisco.
The support band was Exodus, with Kirk Hammett on guitar, playing their fourth
or fifth live gig.

The recording was done by a boom box on stage, as opposed to from the
soundboard, due to technical difficulties with the mixing.

An eleventh song, The Prince, was played, but was not part of the demo since the
tape ran out!
1.Hit the Lights04:15[view lyrics]
2.The Mechanix04:28[view lyrics]
3.Phantom Lord04:59[view lyrics]
4.Jump in the Fire04:40[view lyrics]
5.Motorbreath03:05[view lyrics]
6.No Remorse06:23[view lyrics]
7.Seek and Destroy06:51[view lyrics]
8.Whiplash04:08[view lyrics]
9.Am I Evil? (Diamond Head Cover)07:50[view lyrics]
10.Metal Militia05:11[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:50
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