Nuguria Islands

Nuguria, Papua New Guinea

The northeastern edge of both PNG and Solomon Islands territory is marked by a line of medium-sized atolls and reefs that extend from southeast to northwest for some 900 km, running parallel to the islands of the Solomon and Bismark groups. The chain includes such features as the atolls of Ontong Java, Roncador Reef and Nukumanu (belonging to the Solomon Islands), and the PNG possessions of Taku'u, Kilinailau, the Nuguria Islands and the submerged Lyra Reef.

Located nearly 200 km northeast of New Ireland and 126 km from the Tabar-Lihir-Tanga-Feni island arc, the Nuguria Islands consist of two closely spaced atoll formations: the larger atoll of Nuguria, that lends its name to the group, and the smaller Malum atoll situated 4 km off the northwestern tip of Nuguria.

Nuguria (Abgarris Atoll) is a narrow atoll formation of 35 km in length, orientated southeast-northwest; typical widths across the atoll lie in the range of 3-8 km.

image: earth sciences and image analysis laboratory, nasa johnson space center

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