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Librarians and Library Administrators

Did you know that Gorlet Learning Resources can help your patrons improve their reading and learn a foreign language quickly and effectively? Learn how here!


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Gorlet Learning offers an ever-growing selection of ways to improve your mind and broaden your horizons. Learn a foreign language! Improve your reading! All you need to do get started is login and engage your mind.

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Linkword Languages
    Gorlet offers a variety of foreign language courses:
* 17 foreign Languange (from English) courses that contain extensive grammar and vocabulary
* 25 Survival courses that introduce 200-300 words that can rapidly help travelers.
* An English course for Spanish speakers.
* Four courses for native French speakers.
Elite Minds Reading Improvement
    Improve your reading speed and comphrension.

SpeedReader-X audio and interactive program teaches you speed reading using the latest methods.The course includes online audio training, exercises and drills.

    English as a Second Language.

This is a progressive series of 8 courses and over 60 lessons that gradually teaches the English language to non-native English learners.

The course includes instruction, audio, and practice exercises aimed at quickly and efficently improving English skills.

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