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Lords of the Dance

The Alliance shake their groove thang!
Horde like to work it on the dance floor.
Horde and Alliance share a moment

Dancing Races

his is the dance page. You can preview some of the many different dance animations in World of Warcraft and even download animated images of your favorite dances. Simply select a race and gender from the drop-down menus below and watch them get into the groove. To download an animation, simply click on one of the links below the animation window and save the files to your computer. Time to start practicing your moves!

Note: This is a very old page. We hope to replace it someday with an armory 3D version. We realize many dances are missing.
Select Race:

Select Gender:

*All files are in *.zip format.
Animations shown are a sample of all the /dance variations available in World of Warcraft.

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