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PvP Ranks (Obsolete)

In the old PvP Honor System, players could earn ranks that gave them access to better items. With Patch 2.0, the old system has been replaced with the new PvP Honor System and the PvP Arena System. The Arena System still rewards players with new titles, but the new Honor System does not. The old title and rank system has become obsolete, but players who earned ranks prior to Patch 2.0 can still display their lifetime highest rank. Please note that these old titles are purely cosmetic and have no in-game function at all whatsoever.

The following ranks are only available to players who earned their rank prior to Patch 2.0.

Rank Icon Alliance Title Horde Title Reward (No Longer Active)
14 Grand Marshal High Warlord Epic-quality weapon and shield
13 Field Marshal Warlord Epic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and chest armor
12 Marshal General Epic-quality gloves, leggings, and boots
11 Commander Lieutenant  General Commander's epic mount
10 Lieutenant  Commander Champion Superior-quality helm and shoulder armor
9 Knight-Champion Centurion Battle standard
8 Knight-Captain Legionnaire Superior-quality chest armor and leggings
7 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard Superior-quality boots and gloves
6 Knight Stone Guard Access to officer's barracks, officer's tabard, and potions
5 Sergeant Major First Sergeant Superior-quality bracers
4 Master Sergeant Senior  Sergeant Superior-quality necklace
3 Sergeant Sergeant Superior-quality cloak, 10% discount on all goods and repairs from your faction's NPCs
2 Corporal Grunt Team insignia trinket
1 Private Scout Tabard

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