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Characters F.A.Q.
What is the level cap?
The character level cap is 80 for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, 70 for The Burning Crusade, and 60 for the original game without expansions.

How many characters are allowed per realm?
The limit is ten characters on each realm. You are limited to a maximum of 50 characters across all realms.

What options are customizable on my character when I create it?
Outside of the essential choices of race, class, and gender, there are other options to customize your character's appearance. On every race/gender combination, you can change face type, hair style, hair color, and skin color. Other options such as facial markings, piercings, facial hair, and tusks are specific to certain race/gender combinations.

Can I customize the height & weight of my characters?
Height and weight is not changeable due to how it affects character animations and items on the character. We wanted to concentrate on making each race's animations distinct and special, which meant working on unique models and not allowing changing of height and weight. If we allowed that, then the result would be wonky-looking or distorted movement when the animations were applied to an inappropriately sized model.

How long can your name be and will last names be available?
All names are restricted to 12 characters. Last names are something we would like to implement in the future for our players, but at this time we do not know if, or when, that might occur and what the criteria would be for acquiring one.

How can I get a title for my name?
Learn more about titles here.

Do characters require food and water to survive?
A character is never required to eat or drink, nor are there negative consequences for not consuming food and water. However, eating will restore your character's health much faster and some food will also grant temporary positive effects. Drinking will restore your mana much more quickly as well.

Can characters swim?
Characters can swim, and World of Warcraft has underwater environments to explore.

Is there a limit on how much money a character can carry?
Yes. There is a very high limit.

Do characters age?
Characters do not get older as they progress in the game.

Does a character's gender have any effect on its stats?
No. Males and females are equally effective in all areas of the game.

Does the game have a skill-based or level-based system?
Our goal has always been to incorporate the best elements of both skill-based and level-based systems. Players can gain levels and abilities based on their class as they level up through the game. Players can also acquire professions, which are skills you can gain through other gameplay methods, such as seeking mentors or by completing quests. These extra skills may not always be related to the player's class.

Can players customize their pet's statistics, abilities, or appearances?
Combat pets, which are those owned by Hunter and Warlock characters, can be customized through training. Hunter pets can be named and also grow in size as they gain experience. Non-combat pets cannot be customized, although you can choose from a wide variety of them to own.

Can characters sit in chairs?

Can characters sheathe their weapons?
Yes. The "Z" key is the default keybinding to sheath/unsheathe an equipped weapon.

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