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elebrated by both the Horde and the Alliance, the Brewfest is a time to enjoy the fruits of the harvest: pretzels, cheese, and brew! The competing breweries Thunderbrew, Barleybrew, and the Ogres, all come together outside of all the major cities in a bid to outdo each other with their special ales, meads, and beers. Brave adventurers are invited to sit back, take a pull, and sample the finest wares these brewers have to offer!


Type: Brewfest
Date: September 20 - October 5
Location: The main Brewfest festivals are located near Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Beer gardens will also be set up outside of Silvermoon City, Darnassus, Undercity, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, the Exodar, and Shattrath.

Enjoying the Brew

Complimentary mugs filled with fresh, foamy beer sit atop tables outside of all the major cities. If you drink one down while standing near one of the brewers' stands outside of Ironforge or Orgrimmar, one of their assistants will toss you a new mug. You can also fill up your empties at any of the kegs sitting near the brewers' stands. At Brewfest, you'll never have to worry about how you'll quench your thirst!

Things To Do

Brewfest is about more than just sampling fine ales from all over Azeroth and Outland. Read on to find out what mighty deeds you can do while quenching your thirst:

Ram Racing
In the spirit of Brewfest, adventurers can attempt to prove their ram-riding skills by speaking with Neill Ramstein or Ram Master Ray. Before they'll trust you with their precious rams, though, you'll need to prove you can control one! Once you've proven your expertise at handling the rams, you can earn Brewfest Prize Tokens by picking up kegs of brew from Kharanos or Razor Hill and bringing them back to the fest.

Seek the Saboteurs
It's time to track down the source of the Dark Iron attacks and end them once and for all. Players will follow a trail of evidence that leads to Blackrock Depths, where parties of five players can do battle with the mastermind behind the attacks - Coren Direbrew. Direbrew is a special boss who can be encountered for the duration of Brewfest, and drops special rewards including epic weapons, trinkets, and rare mounts. Don't let him destroy any more precious beer!

Brew of the Month Club
Some say it's the best club in Azeroth! For 200 Brewfest Tokens, you too can join the exclusive "Brew of the Month" Club. Once a member, you are sent a new brew in the mail every month, each with different properties. If the brew is to your liking, you can purchase more from specific vendors in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. Membership lasts one year and will need to be renewed the following year - but what a flavorful and refreshing year that will be.

Barkers Wanted
The representatives of Azeroth's major breweries want adventurers to help advertise their brews in Orgrimmar and Ironforge; just speak to one of the brewers for Barleybrew or Thunderbrew outside of Ironforge or T'chali's Voodoo Brewery or Drohn's Distillery outside of Orgrimmar to get started. You'll be given a ram to hurry you on your way, spreading the word around Orgrimmar or Ironforge about who makes the best brew.
Defend the Fest
The Dark Iron Clan dwarves are raiding Brewfest once again, trying to ruin the event for everyone. As a hero of the Alliance or Horde, it is your job to put an end to the attacks - and maybe find out why they've decided to crash the party in the process. The Dark Iron Clan dwarves invasions occur every half hour. The pesky attackers target the kegs that dispense the free brew. If you're around when the Dark Iron dwarves show up, lend a hand and protect the beer!

Ticket Exchange
Brewfest has undergone some changes since its first year. The currency for Brewfest prizes is now Brewfest tokens instead of tickets. If you have tickets from previous years, you can exchange them for tokens.

Ceremonial Keg-Tapping
Each day at 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM server time, High Tinker Mekkatorque (Ironforge) and Vol'jin (Orgrimmar) come out to the Brewfest grounds for a brief Tapping of the Keg ceremony. Witnessing the ceremony grants players a buff that increases experience earned by 10%.

Brewfest Token Prizes

Lastly, don't forget to drop by Belbi Quikswitch and Blix Fixwidget to redeem your Brewfest Prize Tokens for some great prizes!

Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles
> Brewfest Regalia
Brewfest Pony Keg
The Golden Link
The Essential Brewfest Pretzel
Spiced Onion Cheese
Barleybrew Dark
Thunderbrew Stout
Mudder's Milk


Enjoy this player-submitted screenshot gallery of Brewfest revelry. Adventuring is thirsty work!


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