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Best news ever for nonmotivators set to EAS in the next few months: FY10 VOLUNTARY ENLISTED EARLY RELEASE PROGRAM (VEERP)

I hate the word chow.Thats the stupidest fucking word to make me feel like Im some little kid or some puppy dog or worthless animal that has to be fed at certain times.Fuck that its a meal god damn I hate it being called chow

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From Guest on 6:09:07 PM Wednesday November 24th 2010

I hate the corps because they're obsessively motarded. I hate the constant lying: "short run today, gents" or how i was promised to be an infantryman i'm a fucking maid. i've been in about a year and a half now i haven't and i'm a 0331 i haven't touched a 240B since SOI but i'm locked and loaded with my broom on almost a daily basis. I hate how the junior enlisted wipe the NCO's fucking asses. clean their offices, take out their trash, watch their phones. Fuck it....Eat the apple, Fuck the Corps! yut

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From papajohns on 12:45:06 PM Wednesday November 24th 2010

I am a United States Marine. I am the part of the best fighting force on the planet. I will give my life for my brother. I will kill the enemy before they know what hit them. I will find strength in my brothers. I will never end up like you fuckheads talking shit about my beloved corps. I want to line all of yous up and blast away with my motivated M-16. ohh rahhh yut kill.

Sgt. Lambert

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From Guest on 1:07:18 PM Thursday June 17th 2010

Here's a challenge to everyone: Type a promise your command made to you, then when you and your unit accomplished it, they made an excuse to not keep it. Here's mine:
They said we would be able to go home by 1400 if got all the weapons issued and cleaned in a timely manner. We did, and I listened to the armorer call the company office and say the site count is up. We go up to formation, and the first sgt tells us we can't leave because the site count isn't up. I called him out on it and said I heard the armorer call the office, and that he should call the armory to verify. The 1st sgt HATED me after that. We didn't get off early, by the way.

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From Guest on 10:40:34 AM Monday November 22nd 2010

I hate being a Marine. I hate that I have to not get a hair cut and grow a beard so I can deny I am a Marine while I'm on leave. I hate watching a movie and pointing out all the military inaccuracy's. I hate avoiding eye contact with the gate guard because after a full year, I still don't have a base sticker(I don't get off early enough to go after work and 0430 means the only time I will be able to get it done is chow.... yea right). I hate that people in charge of me care more about how their coffee tastes in the morning than if we get chow. I hate lies like, lets get this shit done quick so we can go home early. I hate having to inform my command that yes, that day you called me in with 15 min to get there, I got a speeding ticket, it was worth it though, I brought that water bowl back, my fault, I'll sign the counseling sheet, the 150$ ticket isn't enough for me. I hate how my anime watching yu-gi-oh card collecting boss doesn't know how to stfu, and for him passing the word means passing the speech (lord help us on the "what if" game for the weekend safety brief) I hate telling my family im going home only to get promised leave... denied. ...
just had to vent,


I love anime

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From Guest on 6:16:16 PM Sunday November 21st 2010

i hate my ssgt, i dont fucking know how he pick up ssgt the new saying in the motor pool is 'who did ur paper work' and if u say 'ssgt p' they will all reply 'aww fuck u know hes dumb we'll fix it" how is that ok i dont understand why this is ok like wtf. ive been fuckrd out of picking up cpl so many times bcuz im "over weight" even when im at %16 body fat u asshole why the fuck r u putting me down for a non rec......thanks for letting me vent god bless this site lol

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From Guest on 8:54:14 PM Sunday November 21st 2010

hey everyone! I am still alive and still bitter as usual about the corps. Thought i gotten past the whole ordeal and moved on. Then of course with my luck, i moved to an area FILLED with marines. Dear God, can i please just get some peace? every weekend it's the same thing, I drive to the grocery store and what do i see? Some 18 year old Marines carrying 100 cans of beer to their raised trucks with UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS....OORAH....SEMPER FI...DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR stickers plastered all over the windows, pretending as if we can't recognize them 20 miles away by their haircuts (i don't know about you guys but i've gotten pretty good at checking the hair first, just to know what guys to avoid!) they party next door constantly then race off on their motorcycles at 4am to get to base on time. If i see another high and tight i may just lose my cool.

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From bitterbabe on 12:29:01 AM Tuesday November 23rd 2010

I can do 39 dead-hang pull ups. . .but I'm still a douchebag. Help!

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From Guest on 11:26:33 PM Monday November 22nd 2010

Were all motor t huh

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From VVvvv on 1:21:25 AM Monday November 22nd 2010

Be glad you are out. The presidential panel has suggested freezing military pay and allowances. Why is it he can afford 2 trillion dollars for his failed agenda, as well as the outrageous pay and pension of government officials, but he can't find room in the budget to pay the military?

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From Guest on 4:27:14 PM Sunday November 21st 2010

Lol, So I got my honorable discharge certificate 4 months later.

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From Toast on 3:23:09 PM Sunday November 21st 2010

In two hours, twenty two minutes, and two seconds, I'll have two weeks left until I fly to the W95 unit in Pendleton.....finally....


Bring back the intelligent conversation...

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From Guest on 4:40:06 AM Thursday November 18th 2010



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From Guest on 6:26:52 PM Saturday November 20th 2010

Today I realized I hate the marine corps and the people in it as well.
There was a deployment coming up and I wanted to get on it, I never got deployed before and I never got in trouble so I thought I could make it. Mind you I don't wanna deploy just to 'get some' anyone who says that they wanna go out there and kill people is lying, they just want money which is exactly what I wanted. I got turned down because my EAS was too soon. I looked over the deployment list and there are people on the list who EAS before me, and some I even went to bootcamp with. I realized that this was the last straw, I know officially HATE the USMC. Fuck the marine corps, fuck chesty, fuck the commadant, fuck everyone in the corps except the non motivators

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From Guest on 5:12:38 PM Monday November 1st 2010

The core sucks

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From Guest on 4:46:18 PM Thursday November 18th 2010

Just found this site and wanted to say I've done 4 years honorably. My fair share of ass chewings and fuck fuck games. But I never hated to Corps just the Assholes above me that ran it. If you are a good person you are a shitty Marine and Vise Versa. If I am wrong set me right.

Lcpl soon to be promoted to Mr. Mark C.

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From Guest on 3:52:49 PM Friday November 19th 2010


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From Guest on 3:29:08 PM Friday November 19th 2010

Just found this site and wanted to say I've done 4 years honorably. My fair share of ass chewings and fuck fuck games. But I never hated to Corps just the Assholes above me that ran it. If you are a good person you are a shitty Marine and Vise Versa. If I am wrong set me right.

Lcpl soon to be promoted to Mr. Mark C.

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From Guest on 3:14:06 PM Friday November 19th 2010

Honestly it's been a while since I've eaten at Horno, I'm over at Pulgas right now. No, I don't know where seps is.

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From kiddynamo on 9:49:50 PM Thursday November 18th 2010

Bunch of dumbass americans.

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From Guest on 8:32:37 PM Thursday November 18th 2010
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