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Thu, 25th. Nov, 2010.

Mughal-E-Azam Special
on Star Gold

This Saturday
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
ends on Star Plus

This Saturday
Film: Rakht Charitra
on MAX

This Sunday
Film: Dabbang
on Colors

This Sunday
Film: Rajneeti
on Star Gold

This Sunday
Film: We Are Family
on Sony TV

Mon 29th November
New: Gulaal
starts on Star Plus

Mon 29th November
New: Dhoondh Legi...
starts on Star One

Mon 29th November
New: Ganga Ki Dheej
starts on Sahara One

Also in November
-New: Geeta
starts on ZEE TV

Also in November
-New: Bhagowali
starts on ZEE TV

Sun 5th December
Global Music Awards
on Colors

Mon 13th December
New: Jhalak Dikhla Jaa
starts on Sony TV

Sat 25th December
Brit Asia Superstar
on Brit Asia TV

Sat 25th December
British Curry Awards
on Star Plus

Sat 1st January
ZEE Rishtey Awards '11

Also in December
-Film: Kajraare
on Colors

Also in December
-New: DID Doubles
starts on ZEE TV

Also in December
ends on Imagine

Also in December
starts on Imagine

*Shows are subject to change without prior notice

EXCLUSIVE: Imagine UK's new brand revealed

NDTV Imagine to rebranded to Imagine...Dil SeNDTV Imagine is being morphed into Imagine...Dil Se from next week, BizAsia.co.uk can exclusively reveal.

Imagine...Dil Se will be the new UK branding for the popular free-to-air channel from Monday 1st November.

The change comes after Turner Asia Pacific Ventures bought the channel from the NDTV group last year. Subsequently, the channel in India dropped the 'NDTV' pre-fix and rebranded it to simply 'Imagine TV'.

Due to copyright issues, the channel was unable to use Imagine TV in the UK, thus adding a suffix 'Dil Se' to its name - 'Imagine...Dil Se'.

The rebrand will include new packaging, new logo (pictured) and graphics to coincide with the channel's new name.

Other broadcasters who have used 'Dil Se' in their names in the past include 9X and ZEE Radio.

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Editor: Raj Baddhan Source: Turner
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