How to Launch and use Cooliris

Cooliris comes in many flavors. Below are the browsers and operating systems we currently support.


Firefox 3.0-3.5+
3.1-4.0+ (Mac)
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Google Chrome
4.0+ (Windows)
  Firefox 3 IE 6 IE 7 IE 8 Safari 3 Safari 4 Flock 2 Chrome
Windows XP   x     x x    
Windows Vista         x x    
Windows 7         x x    
Mac OS X Leopard               x
Mac OS X Snow Leopard         x     x
Linux             x x

 -  Supported x  -  Not Supported

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows: XP, Vista, 7
OSX: Mac OS X: 10.5-10.6.x (operates in 32-bit browser mode)
Linux: Ubuntu 8.04+, Fedora 10.0+, OpenSuse 11+
Minimum: 1 GHz
Recommended: Any type of multi-core processor.
Note: For Macs, any model with an Intel chip will work. PPC Macs are not supported.
Minimum: 512 MB
Recommended: 1 GB
Graphics Processor Unit (GPU):
Minimum: 64 MB VRAM. Intel: 8xx. NVidia: GeForce 4. ATI: Radeon 8500.
Recommended: 128 MB VRAM. Intel: 9xx. NVidia: GeForce 5/FX. ATI: Radeon 9500.