This page provides a number of resources to help integrate Cooliris and the embeddable wall into your page. We will also be putting out early previews of products we are currently working on on this page.

Note that all the resources & products on this page are experimental, so we may make frequent changes and even discontinue them at any time.

Have fun!

Shadowbox launch

The embeddable Cooliris Wall has experimental support for the Shadowbox JavaScript, an online media viewer application library that lets you showcase media without navigating users away from the linking page.

Shadowbox needs to be installed as described on the Shadowbox website, and should be set up to load the SWF player when it initializes:

    <script type="text/javascript">
      players: ["swf"]

You can then use the Shadowbox library to make links to the embeddable wall SWF file load in the Shadowbox interface. Note that in this case, the flashvars must be passed as a query string on the swf url:

    <a rel="shadowbox;width=600;height=370"
      Show the wall

You can also use an HTML snippet to launch the Cooliris plugin. If the user does not have the Cooliris client installed, it will launch the embeddable Cooliris Wall instead.

Here, the flashvars should again be passed as a query string at the end of the URL:

    <script type="text/javascript"

The feed for the embeddable wall that appears for users without the Cooliris plugin must be specified in the flashvars, and have the required crossdomain.xml file set up. It will not automatically use the same feed that the plugin displays.