Burlingame Criterium Results

Today's San Mateo Times will print photos and results of yesterday's Burlingame Criterium.

Following are top finisher results - please provide me with any corrections to names and teams. Unless there is a clerical error I can't do much about the placings.

These will be forwarded to NCNCA newsletter, VeloNews, and SanJose Merc., Cycle Cal, once complete.

Thanks for coming, we all had a great time.


Top 6 finishers 
Name                    Team                    Race Number
SR 3

Jon Diemont             Oaktown WM              645 
Curtis French           Davis                   667 
Lane Herrick            Davis                   658 
Chris Wheeler           Los Gatos               655 
Randy Dreyer            Empire Velo             621 
Marcel Maly             SGW                     650
Women 1/2/3
Jill Gianatonni         Alto Velo               116 
Cynthia Mummsen         Olympic Club            107 
Laura Mullen            Team Shaklee            117 
Aleka Skouras           Davis BC                112 
Heather Thompsen        Alto Velo               106
Women 4
Lisse Dougaard-Hansen   Cal Poly                216 
Marisha Hallares        Los Gatos               219 
Tanya Wyr               Los Gatos               206 
Trina Detwiler          Team Sacto              214 
Cindy Bonnifield        Los Gatos               202 
Loellyn Cassell         Los Gatos               208
Master 1/2/3
Kevin Metcalf           Montgomery              551 
Larry Nolan             USPS                    596 
John Oniel              Unattached              599 
David Walters           Empire Velo             570 
Jerry malone            USPS                    559 
Paul Knutson            Bicycles Plus           587
Senior 4/5
Andrew Hollen           Sierra Express          975 
Andrew Ryan             Berkeley BC             984 
Daniel Lyons            Stanford                994 
Peter Kirsch            North Coast             989 
Derek Wallace           Alto Velo               990 
Bo Barry                Cal Road Club           950
Master 30+ 4/5
Louis Toba              Alto Velo               895 
James Starish           Valhalla                871 
Gary Keno               Garden City             863 
Thomas Coulter          Sierra                  860 
Bill LaFranc            Avocet                  881 
David Miller            Team Bike Trip          858
Master 45
Dennis Ferguson         Peninsula Velo          781 
David Walters           Empire Velo             778 
John Elgart             Xerox                   782 
Mark Rodamaker          Alto Velo               766 
Daniel Dole             Berkeley BC             798 
Peter Humphrey          Mako                    627
Dominguez/Gorley        Team City
Cannon/Marlove          Richey/USPS
Jepsen/Parker           LGBRC/Alto Velo 
Hayford/Geary           Unattached
Skaates/Parker          Performance Richey 
O'Hara/Tejo             Fremont Freewheelers
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