Desktop Help

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This page provides information to help ensure your Linux system is set up for the best performance and rich viewing experience on Cooliris. See also our Self-Help section for additional tips and details.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 10, OpenSuse 11. Other recent distributions may also work but have not been fully tested by Cooliris.
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics such as a NVidia® graphics card with proprietary drivers version 173 and above, or a ATI graphics card with the latest fglrx driver. The Intel integrated card will also function albeit suboptimally.
  • Firefox 3 and above.
  • Adobe Flash® 10 or higher.

Adobe Flash® Requirements

Some content displayed within Cooliris requires Adobe Flash® version 10 or higher. Specific requirements depend on whether or not you are using 32-bit or 64-bit Linux.

32-bit Linux

Most Linux distributions have a package for Adobe Flash®. Open your package manager, search for "adobe flash" or "netscape flash", and then install version 10 if needed. You can also get the lastest version by visiting Adobe's installer website at: .

If you've installed Adobe Flash® version 10 or greater in a non-standard location on your system, Cooliris may be unable to recognize it. To help Cooliris find it, run the following commands in a terminal:

  1. Find the Adobe Flash® library
    find /usr/lib /opt -name
  2. Create Mozilla's plugins directory if it doesn't already exist
    mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins
  3. Create a symlink to the Adobe Flash® library in
    ln -s /path/to/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/

64-bit Linux

Cooliris for 64-bit Linux requires 64-bit Adobe Flash®, an alpha version of which can be installed following the instructions below. While Ubuntu and other distributions may use nspluginwrapper to run 32-bit Adobe Flash®, performance on Cooliris may be suboptimal.

  1. Download Adobe Flash® 10 Pre-release for Linux 64-bit to your desktop
  2. Create Mozilla's plugins directory if it doesn't already exist
    mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins
  3. Extract the Adobe Flash® archive into the plugins directory
    tar -xzf ~/Desktop/libflashplayer*.so.tar.gz -C ~/.mozilla/plugins
  4. Restart Firefox

Known Issues

  • Cooliris does not support the use of free/open source replacements to the Adobe Flash® multimedia player, such as Gnash or swfdec.
  • Certain SELinux restrictions can prevent Cooliris from loading. Make the necessary access changes to allow Cooliris to load.
  • Using Intel® integrated graphics and Compiz desktop effects may cause Cooliris to flicker and be choppy when rendering.
  • See also our Troubleshooting section for general issues and solutions.