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by: Lord Hydronium
date posted: Feb 07, 2006 11:18 PM  | 
updated: Apr 28, 2007 9:22 PM
Tales of a Jedi: The Creation of Nem Bees
The in thing these days seems to be writing blogs about accepted What's the Story contributions. And while my mother warned me about jumping off bridges, she said nothing about blogs.

I'll admit off the bat I don't have a particularly great story for how Nem Bees came to be. There's no nifty analysis of how two entries were merged, and Nem is definitely not named after an Austin politician. Nem's name, like most names I come up with for these entries, just sounded right. "Max Rebo", even if it isn't his real name, gives an idea of Ortolan naming; simple syllables, two at most, nothing too fancy. Nem Bees (rhymes with "fleece") was thirty seconds of fiddling around with letters. Belo Tusus was thirty more.

I start writing most of my WTS entries with the admittedly blunt question "Why should I care?" That is, what makes these people so special that they need an entire databank entry on them? We have several Ortolans, they're being invaded, and something makes these, or one of these Ortolans important enough that I can find 2000 characters to describe them in an interesting manner. My first thought was Jedi, the most ubiquitious "special" characters in the saga, with bounty hunters taking second place. I don't think there have been any Ortolan Jedi seen so far, so that made it interesting to me right there. He's clearly not doing anything to stop the invasion, and no one's going after him, so he must be undercover. Why was he undercover, I asked? And it snowballed from there.

A few notes, then, on some of the details: Belo Tusus, financial minister of Orto, and his Twi'lek servant (edited from the original "slave", interestingly); an odd combination, to be sure, but not one unheard of. For any who read Republic #79, we see a rich Ortolan and his Twi'lek slave/servant in a marketplace on Toola. The Ortolan proceeds to get his money stolen by a Jedi, an act which the Twi'lek sees, finds amusing, and says nothing about. That's my man Belo, although the reference to Toola was cut. Also cut was a note about Bees' master being Shon Kon Ray.

The bit about sectors and trade routes is all Pablo Hidalgo. I don't know the first thing about galactic cartography, and wouldn't know a "Rimma" from a "Hydian" if it came up and bit me. Other than that, with a few small wording changes or deletions, the final entry is almost verbatim from my submission.

Ydde is from Prelude to Rebellion, and the mention of his family was inspired by QuentinGeorge on TheForce.net forums.

Commander Deviss is the creation of Karen Traviss, and the only clone commander I could think of who didn't already have a place during Order 66, so I saddled him up with Nem. The fact that this got through I find very cool; not only did I get to write continuity for a basically new character, I got to fill in a crucial detail on an existing character.