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Calvary Chapel Of Joplin
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Monday Thru Friday
12:00 AM The Word For Today- Chuck Smith

12:30 AM The Balance -Jeff Kingery

1:00AM A New Beginning- Greg Laurie

1:30AM-6:00AM Music 

6:00AM Focus On The Family- Dr. Dobson

6:30AM Thru The Bible-  J. Vernon McGee

7:00AM The Active Word- Bob Coy

7:30AM The Balance- Jeff Kingery

8:00 AM News- UNI
8:00AM The Word For Today- Chuck Smith

8:30AM A New Beginning Greg- Laurie

9:00AM-10:00AM Music

10:00 AM News- UNI
10:00AM Real Life Radio- Leo Geovinetti 

10:30AM Music 

11:00AM Searchlight- Jon Courson

11:30AM Music

12:00 PM News- UNI
12:00PM Just Thinking- Ravi Zacarias

12:30PM Music

1:00PM Walk In The Word- James McDonald

1:30PM Music 

2:00 PM News- UNI
2:00PM Focus On The Family- Dr. Dobson

2:30PM The Connection- Skip Heitzig

3:00PM The Balance- Jeff Kingery

3:30PM On The Level- Poncho Juarez

4:00PM News- UNI
4:00PM Chapter and Verse- Mike MacIntosh

4:30PM Music

5:00PM Somebody Loves You- Raul Reis

5:30PM Truth For Life- Allister Begg

6:00 PM News- UNI
6:00PM Turning Point- David Jeremiah

6:30PM The Active Word- Bob Coy

7:00PM-12:00AM Music  
Thursdays 7:00 PM  Word For Today- Kay Smith
Fridays 8:00-10:00PM AltarLife- Brent/Geoff
Sundays 8-10PM AltarLife(repeat)- Brent/Geoff