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Fantasia abortion shocker

Last Updated: 11:56 AM, November 24, 2010

Posted: 10:29 PM, November 23, 2010

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Turns out there was more fallout than a failed suicide attempt after Fantasia Barrino found out that her boyfriend was still a married man.

While testifying in court during her ex-lover's divorce proceedings on Monday, gossip site reports that the "American Idol" winner told a North Carolina court that she had an abortion after learning that her boyfriend of 11 months, Antwaun Cook, was still married.

Barrino's abortion occurred around the time of her suicide attempt last August, when she was admitted to the hospital after purposely overdosing on aspirin and a sleeping aid.

Fantasia Barrino
Fantasia Barrino

The suicide attempt closely followed revelations that Cook's wife, Paula, had filed divorce papers alleging that Barrino had started a relationship with Cook while knowing that he was still married.

Barrino has insisted that she believed Cook had been separated from his wife while they were dating.

The 26-year-old singer, who has a 9-year-old daughter, is the star of her own VH1 reality series, "Fantasia For Real."


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