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mIRC 6.2 - 6.21
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mIRC 6.0 - 6.03
mIRC 5.9 - 5.91
mIRC 5.8 - 5.82
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Welcome to mIRC Scripts Dot Com
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an online meeting place where hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world gather to chat. mIRC, one of the most popular shareware programs on the Internet, is an IRC client that allows people to easily connect to IRC servers.

mIRC Scripts Dot Com has been offering scripts, addons, and bots written for mIRC since 1996. mIRC has its own programming language that allows scripters to enhance mIRC by adding new features, changing the layout, and just about anything else.


mIRC 6.31 released!.
Submit your files for the new version!.

Top Downloaded Scripts
2448 Script Version ...102861
Professional Script65449
cRiMiNaL ScRipT v9O32699
cats script25593
BuRC ScRiPT 4.0219400
PowerScript 1.2.1 be...18774
BScript 116457
HellasIRC Script V215118
Sinistro Script13338
Maximum Adrenaline 2...11046
Top Downloaded Addons
echoX inviter 2.0417010
Mithril Protect YOU!16157
IPCheck v.1.0015812
IRCop con11744
XFire - mIRC Echo Sc...6632
VLC Support for mIRC6001
Simple Socket Script...5170
SinnerNet Webcam mIR...4348
stats.mrc Version 0....3062
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