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„Yes, we are working on the Painkiller sequel.
No, we ain`t kidding about that.
And hell no, we can`t put a real homepage online now, because we need our workforce for adding tits and fire to the weapon that shoots shuriken and lightening.“

We are a group of dedicated gamers, Pen & Paper RPG Fans, literature experts and other „nerds“ who allied up in order to create the games we`d love to play ourselves. Due to the fact that we are nothing but enthusiastic amateurs, we work together with professional artists.

Our first title, „Robert D. Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu“ was completed in June 2007. if the gods (the nice ones, not those with tentacles) are mercyful, several more will follow – like Painkiller Resurrection in late 2009, followed by Anderson 2!

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